Alex Fernández will be a father and Don Vicente assures that he will be a child

Alex Fernández will be a father and Don Vicente assures that he will be a child

After their long-awaited wedding last May, Alex Fernández married Alexia Hernández in a civil celebration. Four months after the marriage, the son of Alejandro Fernández ‘El Potrillo’ has just announced that he is expecting his first child.

The news was confirmed during an interview for the magazine ¡Hola! Mexico, in which They both announced that they will be debuting as parents in no time. In addition, Vicente Fernández expressed his opinion about the next member of the family.

Alexia told the cited source that they are “Happy and excited”. For his part, Alex assured that his grandfather is aware of the news and has already made a forecast about the gender of the baby, which could be born in April 2022.

My grandfather thinks it’s going to be a boy “, he claimed Alex Fernandez.

On the cover of the magazine you can see the happy newlywed couple holding hands, while Alexia Hernández shows off her belly.

The famous “Charro de Huentitán” will be a great-grandfather for the sixth time, since her great-grandchildren are Antonella and Emilio, who are the children of Fernanda Fernández; Cayetana, daughter of Camila Fernández; Luca, son of Ramón Fernández; Carlotta, daughter of Sissi Fernández.


One of the most emotional moments of the concert was when Alex Fernández interpreted the song called “Time does not forgive”, which he dedicated to his father, who observed he attempted his son’s performance sitting from a bench, later, “El Potrillito” approached his father to hug him because he had already shed some tears of emotion to see his son triumph in front of the public.

At the end of the song, both remained embraced for a few seconds and when they rejoined, Alejandro Fernández asked for the applause of the public for his son and after wiping his tears he resumed the show and continued to delight his audience with his great classics.

For his part, Alex Fernández was very happy to have started his tour with his father and on his social networks he shared some fragments of his presentation in California and wrote that his tour could not start in a better way and thanked his audience for their reception.

Alejandro Fernández and his son, Alex Fernández will continue their tour called “Made in Mexico” next Wednesday, September 15 at the MGM Gran Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States.In addition, they will repeat their show on September 16 in the same place and have other dates scheduled for the rest of September and October in the United States.

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