Álex Kaffie humiliates Andrea Escalona for “general culture poverty”

Mexico.- The journalist Álex Kaffie unleashes controversy again after humiliating the driver Andrea Escalonathis after a round of questions that took place in the morning program Hoy, where she was questioned about history and made a serious mistake in full live broadcast.

During a recent broadcast of Hoy, from Televisa, the hosts organized a round of questions and answers focused on the National Holidays, this during the month of September 2021, at which time Andrea did not have the best.

It was during the section that Andrea Escalona made a mistake that did not go unnoticed by the public, much less by the journalist, who through his column on the Internet left him with everything, assuring that he suffered from a “poverty of general culture”.

“What a shit you gave!” Álex Kaffie shared in the note for Escalona, ​​because when questioned about who the Father of the Nation was, she replied that Benito Juárez, which sparked all kinds of ridicule, since they were referring to Miguel Hidalgo and Rib.

“Andrea, there is the primary school (INEA) for adults. It would not hurt to study it, darling,” Kaffie added in her note, embarrassing the host of the Hoy program, who ended up embarrassed in front of the public and unleashed all kinds of reactions to her unexpected response.

“Escalona started the mess and his team followed him”, “It’s Andrea Escalona what could you expect”, “How they make me laugh”, “What a great spear Escalona, ​​how is that answer not going to be known”, he could read between the comments that were made on social networks.

On the other hand, there were those who assured that it is time for Andrea Escalona to leave Televisa’s morning show, since they explain that it only “contaminates the environment and the good vibes.” It should be noted that since she debuted as host of Hoy, Magda Rodríguez’s daughter has been criticized for being “very heavy”.

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