Alex Kaffie was injured after an intense intimate encounter

Alex Kaffie caused controversy when he confessed that he ended up with a contracted back after an intense, intimate encounter with a yoga teacher, with whom he had an affair five years ago and who took great care to make his sex life different.

Yes, it was very good, but I had to spend two months with the San Cosme’s “hueseros” to get rid of the contracture,” where the journalist’s spicy statements made his colleagues laugh at ‘Sale El Sol,’ Imagen Televisión’s morning show.

The spicy confession did not go unnoticed by cybernauts, who were divided in opinions within the social networks to the point of making it appear among the main news of Mexican show business, where he has become one of the most controversial and least liked celebrities of the celebrities.

Alex Kaffie was criticized for revealing confidential information

The entertainment journalist was criticized for revealing that a host of a famous television morning show had been infected with a venereal disease.

A few days ago, we told you in La Verdad Noticias that Alex Kaffie was being harshly criticized on social networks for revealing in his column Sin Lisonja that a famous host was infected with a venereal disease, today known as a sexually transmitted disease, which is a very common ailment in society.

More on Alex Kaffie:

The exclusive of the journalist, who was recently involved in a strong controversy in Sale El Sol, caused great indignation among cybernauts, who considered that he should not have disclosed such personal information. There were even those who claimed that he was committing a crime.

What is Alex Kaffie’s real name?

The journalist, considered one of the most controversial celebrities in the world of Mexican entertainment, is part of the star cast of Sale El Sol.

Javier Parra Cortés is the real name of Alex Kaffie, who began his artistic career on Maxine Woodside’s show “Todo para la Mujer” on Grupo Fórmula and later migrated to Televisa and now collaborates with Imagen Televisión while working as a columnist for El Heraldo de México.

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