Alex Speitzer regrets that Lydia Cacho continues without receiving justice

16 years have passed since Lydia cacho has had to seek refuge, after being threatened after publishing her book “The demons of Eden” which exposes a network of pedophilia between politicians and businessmen, so it is now Alex Speitzer who asks for justice.

The actor of Dark wish revealed that he had the opportunity to talk with Lidya Cacho about his case, so he did not hesitate to speak about it.

And the fact is that Lydia’s case remains unpunished, in fact, the journalist assured that they ordered the total release of Kamel Nacif, her main enemy.

What did Alex Speitzer say?

Alex Speitzer supported Lydia’s case

It was through his official Instagram account that he revealed that he would become a promoter of the journalist’s case, with the aim of doing justice in this regard, since he knows that Cacho is still in danger.

And he shared some accounts so that people who do not know what the journalist experienced, can do so in a summarized way.

What happened to Lydia Cacho?

It was in 2005 that he published a book called “The demons of Eden”, where he unveiled a pedophile network in which he accused the then governor of Puebla, the “Precious Governor” Mario Marin, already Kamel Nacif, businessman, among others.

After making the case known, Kamel nacif and her team apprehended her, tortured her, applied touching, and abused her.

Although they have already sentenced the Quintana Roo police involved in the case, there are still several points that remain unresolved, and the journalist had to take refuge in another country, since she still fears for her life, after they poisoned her pets in 2019 , raided his house, and stole research material.

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