Alex Tercero colon cancer Super Star Latin radio host

  • Alex Tercero reveals in video that he faces colon cancer in stage 4
  • The Latin announcer announced what he will do in the coming days on his Instagram account
  • In addition, he thanked his friends, family and followers for showing their support.

A serious illness suffers from the Latin announcer who is famous for making the voice of the Super Star program, Alex Zurdo, who was diagnosed with colon cancer and today he hopes that a ‘miracle’ will be done for his recovery, because it is a very terrible disease that It can lead to death, according to information published by the People en Español news portal.

This is not the first case of a famous person with a similar illness and who also publishes it on his Instagram account, previously two more had done it and later we will tell you who they are. For now, the news of his illness has shaken the most sensitive fibers of the world of radio and entertainment, because with his charisma he has managed to captivate countless ears throughout the United States.


But the worst news is not the disease itself, but that it is already in phase four, one of the last that indicates that there is already very little to do, since neither the medications or treatments would be able to reduce or even eliminate it, which is why who sent a message from his social networks to keep his followers informed.

This video was to confirm the terrible disease he suffers, but he also took the opportunity to tell his followers what he will do from now on with his life and on social networks, for which he asked them to be aware of his publications. In his message he was calm, cautious, serene and even resigned to face whatever comes.


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Alejandro Torres, a well-known DJ from the city of Los Angeles, adopted the name of Alex Tercero, and achieved fame in the Super Star program, he is currently 49 years old, he is married and you have two small children, but his desire to support himself with life nobody takes them off and through this video in addition to thanking people, he announced something that he will do to benefit other people.

The famous man highlighted the great support he has had both from colleagues by profession and from friends and family, to whom he sent greetings and said that he had no words to show appreciation for the expressions of affection received with blessings and good vibes at this time that has suffered from the terrible disease. Filed Under: Alex Third Colon Cancer


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In a direct and clear way, the announcer sent a message to his followers to tell them how he is living these moments and what he will do next to help more people who could suffer the same or even avoid this terrible disease that can cause death, already which is progressive and at the stage he is in it is practically impossible for healing to come,

“My people already know that I am the mere pachanguero Alex Tercero and well I want to give infinite thanks to each one of you who has donated, who has supported me, who has sent me, blessings, positive vibes, I want you to accompany me because I am going to be uploading videos explaining this path that is one of cancer and a nightmare, to explain a little bit of my experience that I am living, thank you very much, with all my heart, I have no words for all my friends and colleagues, everything they have done ”, said. Filed Under: Alex Third Colon Cancer


Alex Tercero colon cancer
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Immediately the messages of good vibes and wishes began to reach his personal account: “May God bless you bro and may my heavenly Father God provide in you and your health”, “Alex, with God everything is possible. 4 years ago I went through cancer, surgeries, chemo, radiation and with the blessing of God I am here to support you “,” Come on My Alex! You are strong! Many hugs for you and your family. That you recover soon to see you in La Boooommm! Hahaha”.

“Come on Alex! You can, we are always with you, you are someone very special to Robert and me, you made our dance nights happy and you also made our wedding party happy. We love you and we pray for you ”,” My dear Alexxx, we are with you! F * ck cancer !!! ”,“ many blessings ”,“ blessed, Health and Unconditional Love Alex… for the whole family ”, were other good wishes that his followers sent him on his official account. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Alex Third Colon Cancer


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The fans kept sending him good vibes: “We love you !! Give it a try !! Your mission on this earth is very important !! You have touched thousands of souls with your music and energy !! And you will continue to do so !! WE ARE WITH YOU!!! DO NOT STOP!! FOLLOW!! FOLLOW. WE’RE BEHIND YOU CHEERING YOU !! “,” Greetings Alex! A hug and we hope a speedy recovery .. sending good vibes ”,“ my blessings to you ”.

“May God heal him soon and give him many strength to resist”, “be sure that we are here, there is much much love for you, my beloved brother-in-law”, “come on come on Alexxx panchangero you are strong you are going to come out of this, have faith that everything is possible in the name of Jesus ”,“ we are with you. May God enlighten your treatment and fill you with health. Keep going. We support you Alex! Take care of yourself ”, were other words that more people wrote to him. Filed Under: Alex Third Colon Cancer


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Protected by the good work of City of Hope, his followers ‘uncovered’ the news by opening a Gofundme page to support the figure of the radio with the expenses that he supposes in the United States to face his disease. “Alex has always lived his life with integrity. He has always been the first to help those in need, his friends or loved ones, and transformed the lives of many people with his existence “, they affirmed. “He has given us a lot and now we want to support him in these times of need.”

And they added: “” We want to ask for help for our dear friend, Alex. Six months ago, something that started as a mild back pain to turn into a stomach ache, ended up being the worst of the news ”, began the request for support on the famous platform. “Alex was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.”

Alex Tercero colon cancer: IS THERE HOPES FOR LIFE?

Alex Tercero colon cancer
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Currently the famous Super Stars announcer, undergoes a treatment: constant rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and three operations of high risk and serious prognosis. However, the radio star does not lose faith since he has a family that he must fight for every day, to be able to move forward no matter how.

Phase 4 is already one of the last in this type of disease, for which people aware of it, have maintained constant support and approach with him so that he knows that he is not alone and that he counts on them emotionally and even in the economic thing, since the page that was opened will serve to gather the funds that it needs and to face the disease.


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In mid-November, the Spanish actress Isabel Torres -who played ‘La Veneno’ in the series’ Los Javis’- has shaken the social networks by publishing through her official Instagram account, a video by way of farewell, as the Doctors have given him the worst news and that is that he has little time left to live, due to a terrible disease he suffers from, lung cancer, according to a publication made by the People en Español news portal.

The actress and television presenter revealed what the current health situation is like and with the material she published, she left many hearts shattered, especially her fans who remember her in her participation in the series ‘Los Javis’. On her IG account, the artist currently has more than 100,000 followers with more than 120 publications.

Alex Tercero colon cancer: WHAT DID HE SAY IN THE FAREWELL VIDEO?

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The most recent video appearance appears without hair and in others with it, but with less weight, which worried his followers because of the lung cancer he suffers. The video is heartbreaking, although she seems to be at peace, the pain and suffering is evident since she says that she suffers from metastasis in some parts of her body, especially in her bones, that is, the cancer that moves to other parts of the body. original place where it started.

The uploaded material lasts 5 and a half minutes and appears physically affected, and until the morning of this November 16 it had more than 348 thousand reproductions and more than 7 thousand comments from friends, co-workers, family members and thousands of Followers who could not contain the pain caused by seeing the farewell of the actress who played ‘La Veneno’.

Alex Tercero colon cancer: HOW LONG DOES HE LEFT TO LIVE?

Alex Tercero colon cancer

In the material, the artist who made ‘La Veneno’ confessed to her audience that in these months her friend has been taking care of her, but also said that her cousin had recently died, which is why several celebrities such as Ricky Merino and Paula Echevería left comments that penetrated deep into the other followers, the feeling of many was of impotence because they could not do anything about it.

Currently the actress is 52 years old, was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canario on July 14, 1969 and in addition to working in the media, she is a businesswoman and is recognized for her participation in the entertainment world, but in the In recent months his health deteriorated and upon receiving the news, he decided to say goodbye to his loved ones as they confirmed that he has two months to live.

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