Alexa Dellanos’ dental floss in a micro bikini that causes sighs on Instagram

Alexa Dellanos She is an outgoing girl who loves social networks and sharing images with all her followers that leave little to the imagination. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos She has over 8 million fans who follow her on Instagram to see her hot photos and the young lady never disappoints.

In one of her recent publications, Alexa was seen wearing a micro bikini with which she could show off her figure. There is no doubt that the star and influencer takes great care of her health based on diet and exercise as she usually shares with her followers on the same digital platform.

“Summer loading”, Alexa published in English, hinting that she is preparing for the summer.

Whether it’s summer or not, Alexa always wears the smallest outfits and the black and white bikini she wore in the same post made it look like that. The dental floss of her thong made mischief and so she was able to show off her voluminous rear leaving all her admirers sighing at her.

The comments of her most loyal fans were immediate and in addition to the fire emoji, there were encouraging words for Alexa.

“Very hot,” one fan wrote in English. “Always beautiful,” one admirer put in. “Woooow just spectacular love,” one follower added. “Exquisite beautiful delight, what a beautiful sensuality,” another fan responded. “The love of my life,” another admirer said. “Un bombom”, could also be read among the comments.

On other occasions, Alexa had already sparked controversy with her almost non-existent bikinis to the delight of her fans. Here more sensual images:

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