Alexa Dellanos highlights her legs and hips with a tight and low-cut high-cut swimsuit

Alexa Dellanos once again delighted her fans with a series of postcards that heated up Instagram. The fashion and lifestyle influencer showed herself in several poses, sheathed in a tight and low-cut yellow high-cut swimsuit that perfectly highlights her legs and hips.

“Squeeze me 🍋”, is the text that reads in the publication that has garnered more than 581,000 ‘likes and thousands of comments highlighting her sculptural body.

“What a beautiful and exuberant woman 😋😋,” “Delicious curves 🍑🤤,” and “You look divine and charming 🔥🔥,” were some of the phrases that users of the famous social network said to the also model.

As if that wasn’t enough eroticism and sensuality, the daughter of journalist Myrka Dellanos gave other images in which she is seen with a friend enjoying her mansion in Hollywood Hills, where both beauties appear flaunting their voluptuous rear-guards with sexy swimsuits like dental floss.

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Alexa Dellanos is one of the influencers whose popularity is increasing day by day. The young woman currently has 9.9 million followers on Instagram alone, where she usually shows off her prominent charms from any place she visits.

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