Alexa Dellanos leaves her fans heartbroken with tremendous lace lingerie

The model Alexa dellanos She causes a stir in her networks again with her most recent publication where she leaves very little to the imagination by showing off her curves in a transparent lingerie outfit.

The journalist’s daughter Myrka dellanos Only 27 years old, she has left her fans delighted with her voluptuous curves, which has generated endless compliments for such a flirtatious look with which she has been seen.

And it is that this time the blonde has shown off with her hair divided into two small high ponytails that are perfect for her angelic face that has made millions of her followers fall in love, but what has left everyone on the brink of heart attack is the outfit with which it has been modeled in the photographs.

Sighs and more sighs is what the American beauty has achieved with her black lace lingerie, which reveals her spectacular curves that has captivated her more than 5.4 million fans who follow her on the social network.

Barbie“,”Dolly“,”An angel“,”Beautiful and beautiful“,”The perfect goddess“Some of the users of the social network have written to him.

And it is that with the photo session from her bedroom the compliments have not stopped arriving, just a few days ago that Dellanos showed herself in a tiny dress with which she surprised everyone by wearing a very pronounced neckline, but her loyal fans have remained delighted with such sensuality by the queen of the networks.

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