Alexa Dellanos set Instagram on fire with a tiny black string bikini

Alexa Dellanos She is one of the social media influencers that attracts the most attention. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos she captures the eyes by letting herself be seen in tiny outfits that leave little to the imagination. There is no day that Alexa does not show off her sensuality before her more than 9 million fans on her Instagram.

Throughout the year, Alexa spends her time searching for the sun, sand and sea to create content for her digital platforms. Most of the images that Alexa shares are hot and in her most recent publication she was no exception.

Alexa was seen from very original angles since the camera took her from below, giving a very unique perspective. The young woman wore a micro bikini with black threads that barely covered her figure and allowed her entire figure to be seen.

“All tied up,” Alexa posted.

The comments of his fans did not wait and it did not take long for messages to arrive supporting the network star.

“You gave me a mini cardiac arrest with these photos,” one fan wrote in English. “You’re perfect,” one fan replied. “Very nice photos dear Alexa,” one follower replied in English. “Pretty little mermaid,” another fan said. “Beautiful approach”, another follower put. “I almost had a multiple heart attack!!! She has settled your singleness well ”, it could also be read between the comments.

In the past, Alexa has been severely criticized for the images she shares on Instagram. In “La Mesa Caliente”, a program hosted by Myrka, there was talk of “trophy women” and a fan on social networks called Alexa one of them. But Myrka came out of her in her defense on her Telemundo show.

“I say, it has to do with her having a 4-year relationship. She started small, she works by herself and besides, when she started with her boyfriend 4 years ago, he wasn’t a billionaire. They have grown up together, she works on her own, she earns a lot of money,” Myrka clarified.

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