Alexa Dellanos shows off her beauty on Halloween like an angel fallen from heaven

Alexa Dellanos.

Photo: Grosby Group / Grosby Group

Alexa dellanos She has shared a shocking photograph on social networks for her millions of followers who have been paralyzed with her spectacular beauty when they see her wearing an angel look.

And it is that to celebrate the Halloween festivities the blonde model has not been able to avoid dressing up in a sensual way for her fans, so she has chosen to appear as an angel including the wings and the halo.

For her angelic look the daughter of the journalist Myrka dellanos She has chosen to dress in white lace lingerie, she wears her blonde hair with some soft waves, a headband with which she supports her feather halo and of course her incomparable anatomy with which she has delighted her millions of followers.

Angel on your shoulders”, Is the phrase he has shared under the post that so far has accumulated thousands of hearts.

His followers have not stopped sending him their comments, with declarations of love and many compliments that flatter his great beauty.

My angel“,”Angel in real life“,”So adorable”, Have expressed some users of the social network.

He has liked the photography so much that he has shared that Dellanos has made a second publication, where he pleases with even more sensual poses from the photo shoot where he captivates with his charms.

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