Alexis Ayala got engaged to his girlfriend, Cinthia Aparicio, 28 years younger than him

For love, there is no age, and actor Alexis Ayala knows it because after ending his marriage with Fernández López in February 2021, soon after someone came into his life, and he fell in love completely as he began a courtship with Cinthia Aparicio.

After a year of a solid relationship, the celebrity decided to take the next step and proposed to Cinthia, so they would soon get married. However, the age difference has been much discussed since Aparicio is 29 years old and the actor is 57.

We remember that it was in mid-September 2021 that they made public their romance through a video, where they gave each other a passionate kiss. It is worth mentioning that before Cinthia, there were speculations of a romance with Scarlet Gruber.

Alexis Ayala gave an engagement ring to his girlfriend in Paris

Cinthia shows off her engagement ring

The happy couple shared that emotional moment through social networks and boasted that the proposal was in Paris, the ideal place to show off their romance. Meanwhile, users and several celebrities sent congratulations on their engagement.

It seems that Paris attracts lovers as a magnet. Gerard Piquet was seen with his new love, Clara Chia, having a romantic dinner in the city of love.

It is worth mentioning that the actor and the actress met while filming the soap opera “Si nos Dejan.” On the other hand, Cinthia said at the time that he became her accomplice, that she admired him, and that he pushed her to continue in everything.

Who is Alexis Ayala’s girlfriend?

The actor and his now fiancée Cinthia Aparicio

The girlfriend of actor Alexis Ayala is also dedicated to acting, as she has had the opportunity to participate in various programs such as: “La Rosa de Guadalupe,” “Como dice el Dicho,” “La Usurpadora,” and “Simplemente María.”