Alexis Ayala is engaged to Cinthia Aparicio, his girlfriend 28 years younger than him

Exactly one year after confirming his relationship with Cynthia Aparicio, Alexis Ayala He decided to take the next step and proposed to her on a romantic evening in Paris, France.

The couple shared the happy news of their engagement on social media with a video where they show the ring that the actor gave to Cinthia and although they have not announced the date of the wedding, they are very excited about everything that will happen in the coming days.

“Yes! Oui, yes, ako, bada, jika, se, ak, os, اگر, もし, ವೇಳೆ… YES IN ALL LANGUAGES! LOVE YOU”, Cinthia wrote with the images of the moment in which the Eiffel Tower is seen in the background, while Ayala shared the same publication on her Instagram account.

Of course, their followers and close friends congratulated them on the announcement, because despite what they will say due to the age difference between the two, which is 28 years, Both Alexis Ayala and his girlfriend managed to overcome these barriers so that in the end they decided to get married.

Celebrities such as Marcus Ornellas, Ana Bekoa, Julian Gil, Candela Márquez, Galilea Montijo, Michelle Renaud, Claudia Martin, José Ron, Sebastián Rulli and Grettell Valdés did not miss the opportunity to send them their good wishes.

After 11 years of marriage, in February 2021, Alexis Ayala and Fernanda López announced their separation, a few months later, Alexis began a relationship with Cinthia Aparicio whom he met on the telenovela ‘Si Nos Dejan’.

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