Alfonso Cuarón’s daughter in a bikini surprises on the beaches of Bora Bora

Bu Cuarón is the famous daughter of the Mexican filmmaker and Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón who has been in charge of making it clear that she is no longer a girl and that she looks more spectacular every day.

That is why recently through their social networks the daughter of the director of Rome shares different activities of her daily life in which she lets herself be seen as a girl with inclinations for creation.

On the other hand, it is highlighted that the beautiful Bu Cuarón has an excellent taste for fashion and a relaxed and art-oriented lifestyle and has recently dazzled by showing off in little clothes.

Bu Cuarón in Bora Bora

Bu Cuaron in a bikini. She is the daughter of Alfonso Cuarón with her father

It turns out that, in the most recent photographs of Bu Cuarón, published on her Instagram account, the 18-year-old shows that, in addition to being a cosmopolitan traveler, she is already moving away from the adolescent image that she until recently showed, to become a young woman.

It is not for less that Bu Cuarón surprised his followers with a couple of bikini images captured on the beaches of Bora Bora, in French Polynesia; and although it is not clear if they are from a recent trip.

And it is that in her profile there are more publications with photos captured in that place in the South Pacific, the truth is that the beach atmosphere of this enclave inspires her to make impressive portraits on the beach.

Daughter of Alfonso Cuarón with his father

Daughter of Alfonso Cuarón with his father

It should be noted that not long ago the beautiful daughter of Alfonso Cuarón was seen at one of the events in which she was photographed with her father, the Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, where Tess Bu Cuarón still wore a childish image that now contrasts with the sensuality of her bikini photos.

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