Alfredo Adame against Laura Bozzo: “I want to see her in jail”

Alfredo Adame assured that Laura Bozzo has not been saved from prison (Photo: Instagram)

Alfredo Adame He did not spare the holidays to make peace with his family or personalities from the entertainment world with whom he lives in constant conflict. The actor revived his viral problem with the presenter Laura bozzo and he assured that all he wants is to see her “sunk in jail.”

“All I know is that I want to see her in jail, really it is the only thing that I wish; I want to see her sunk and recast in jail for all the evil that she has done and for all the misfortune that she brought to Mexico and there in Peru as well, for all this I want to see her in jail ”, he expressed very annoyed before the cameras of Tell me what you know, show program of Telemundo.

Alfredo Adame and Laura Bozzo
The actor assured that Laura Bozzo will have a new legal conflict since he is investigating her Photos: Cuartoscuro

The soap opera villain assured that despite the fact that the host does not have her freedom compromised “for the moment”, very soon she will have new legal battles since “he found out” that there is a human trafficking issue in which Laura Bozzo would be involved .

“Laura Bozzo has another matter […] comes what I found out is some human trafficking and all that vibe. Laura Bozzo right now, as of today, is facing more than 50 years in jail”He assured from a bus terminal in Mexico City.

Alfredo Adame also criticized Cristian Zuarez, ex sentimental partner of the Peruvian. With very derogatory qualifying adjectives the one who was the host of the program Today -before his great conflict with Andrea Legarreta– He confessed that the only thing he admired was having deceived the presenter:

Cristian Zuárez with Alfredo Adame (Photo: Facebook @ AlfredoAdameOficial / Instagram @ criszuarez)
Alfredo Adame has also had problems with Cristian Zuárez (Photo: Facebook @ AlfredoAdameOficial / Instagram @ criszuarez)

“When he argued with the Argentine idiot, this Cristian Zuárez that he ended it for an infidelity, that I congratulate him and I think that is the only thing for which I can congratulate him and I also tell him that ‘he has already paid’, because in the sin he received penance, because I don’t imagine that it could be, for 17 years, to wake up in the same bed as Laura Bozzo without her wig and without makeup ” he commented between laughs.

2022 does not paint a good outlook for the actor and his family, as he assured that his 3 children are no longer considered as that by him. He also confessed that his ex-wife Mary Paz Banquells He stole a large amount of money from her despite the fact that he, being a “good person”, had already given her property, cars and things from his house.

“I was a good person and also because I was the mother of 3 who were my children, because they are no longer, I gave her a house in El Pedregal de Tetelpan, a very nice house, I gave her several cars and I gave her I don’t know what many things because when she left the house she unduly took everything, right? But nothing corresponds to her because we are married by separate property, “he said.

Alfredo Adame stopped working at Televisa since 2018 Photo: Infobae México. (Photo: Infobae México. /)

The actor added that it was the best decision since for his children he would have had to be giving him a pension and that this was the real reason why he resigned. Televisa and not as it was commented on social networks -that they had run it as problematic-. “Thank God, the judge precautionary assigned a pension of thirty percent of my income and it was like that after two months I resigned from Televisa, I went to politics and I stopped having a salary, having money, receiving, his income ran out ”.

Alfredo Adame ended by mentioning that everything that was stolen from him was used to buy cars that they now rent in transportation applications and that they “live” from that, while he was left with nothing.


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