Alfredo Adame assures that Laura Bozzo has only fought one of her crimes

In an interview Alfredo Adame talked about his super enemy Laura bozzo and assured that the Peruvian has only fought one of the many crimes that has pending.

During his participation in an Alfredo, he commented that Laura still has to face her debt with the SAT, in addition to the alleged murder attempt against her ex-husband, and mentioned the investigation folder that he put together on the alleged human trafficking network.

“The moment she appears and whatever, at that moment I will bust the folder that I already have, after having gone through the General Directorate of Migration Affairs, the Attorney General’s Office and the SAT,” said Alfredo Adame.

Alfredo Adame attacks Laura Bozzo

Alfredo Adame gives his opinion on the freedom of the driver Alfredo Adame confessed that he was the one who denounced Laura Bozzo

On The Truth News We tell you that the soap opera actor assures that there are 19 people that Laura Bozzo and Cristian Suarez brought to Mexico from Peru as tourists, but that they are actually working in the country.

He affirmed that he would not stop until Laura Bozzo, who has assured that he is innocent and clears his name, pays for all the crimes he believes he has committed since his arrival in the country.

What is the problem between Laura Bozzo and Alfredo Adame?

Alfredo Adame confessed that he was the one who denounced Laura Bozzo

The actor Alfredo Adame He was the one who notified the authorities about the tax evasion and the sale of the property seized by the SAT, which is why Laura Bozzo began to be investigated and was imposed as a precautionary measure to go to prison.

Alfredo spoke about the presenter’s freedom and her ease in settling the legal matter.

He was outraged and pointed out that he could not believe that “a disgusting being” could be released, in addition to lashing out at the Mexican authorities.

For the moment Laura bozzo has not ruled against the statements and accusations of Alfredo Adame who assures that the driver will have to face other crimes.

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