Alfredo Adame attacks Oskarín again, out of jealousy of Magaly Chávez

One more time Alfredo Adame gives what to talk about on social networks, after the advance of the next chapter of “I’m Famous, get me out of here!” was released, where once again he is seen attacking Oskarin.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that this is not the first time that Alfredo Adame stars in a lawsuit with Oskarín.

Even on the first occasion the production of the reality show “I’m Famous, get me out of here!” Adame had to be punished due to his violent attitude.

What happened to Adam?

In the new trailer for “I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here!” former host of “Hoy”, Alfredo Adameattack Oskarín, who is one of the favorite members of “Venga la Alegría”.

In said clip, the little clown affirms that things have changed a lot in the reality show, since he even had the opportunity to sleep with Magaly Chávez, the driver’s former partner.

Listening to the statements, Alfredo Adame shows intentions to attack Oskarín, although his companions immediately stop the conflict.

“I’m Famous, get me out of here!”

“I’m famous, get me out of here!” reaches its final stretch.

The reality show that marked the return of the host Atala Sarmiento to Tv Azteca, was a resounding failure, since from the beginning the production was questioned, the choice of the cast, Alfredo Adame being the most controversial.

It was recently announced that the survival reality show, where celebrities fight to get a millionaire prize, is in its last weeks.

So far it is unknown who will be the big winner of “I’m Famous, get me out of here!“However, it is in its last weeks, to make way for “Survivor Mexico 2022”.

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