Alfredo Adame he is the culprit that Laura Bozzo is sought justice

  • Alfredo Adame assures that he was the one who denounced Laura Bozzo
  • The Peruvian woman faces charges of tax evasion in court
  • Mexican authorities demand that Laura Bozzo be searched

Alfredo Adame gave an interview for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ in which he assured that Laura Bozzo is wanted by the justice thanks to a complaint filed by him, as he received an anonymous message about an alleged fraud that the Peruvian driver would have carried out and that according to the actor, it was proven.

“A person contacts me and says’ Mr. Adame, I have very important evidence for you to put Laura Bozzo in jail ‘and then I give him my phone number, he dials the person and says’ look, he sold us a condominium, and then we made a purchase-sale contract before a notary and suddenly 3 or 4 months passed and when we went to the notary ‘oh surprise’, it seems that the condominium is repossessed ”, he began explaining.

Alfredo Adame claims to be responsible for Laura Bozzo being wanted by justice

Alfredo Adame denounces

Laura Bozzo faces charges of tax evasion and although she had been summoned by the Mexican authorities to appear for what she is accused of, the Peruvian never appeared and allegedly filed an appeal for protection in order not to cooperate with the case, but things are aggravated.

Just a few days, it was reported that the Attorney General’s Office asked Interpol to locate Laura Bozzo in more than 190 countries in the face of the strong problem she has with justice and so far it is unknown if the Peruvian is in Mexico or already fled to another country.

Alfredo Adame happy that Laura Bozzo has problems with the law

Actor Alfredo Adame denounced Laura Bozzo

Alfredo Adame continued explaining the anonymous complaint that they made about an alleged fraud committed by Laura Bozzo: “… The condominium was seized by the Treasury, it was given as collateral for a payment of 12 million pesos in 2012, which today includes fines and surcharges. and updates have already become 80 million pesos ”, he assured.

And he continued with certainty: “It is a serious crime, it does not have bail, it has no protection, it is tax evasion and then the lawyer denounces it and says’ Laura Bozzo has already sold this condominium to such people, with such a notary and the judge sees the evidence that They are forceful and says ‘I link it to process’, said the actor for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

Alfredo Adame tells how the Peruvian will have to respond to justice

Laura Bozzo justice

The Mexican actor rejoices that the Peruvian driver has problems with the law: “… I give her 48 hours to appear at the Santiaguito prison and enter on her own feet, and since (the crime) has no bail, she cannot get protection because he has to face his trial inside and then his lawyer goes and puts an appeal where he says that the lady is 70 years old, lie, the lady is 68 or something like that … “, he said.

And he also spoke of the alleged health problems that Laura Bozzo argued to have to evade justice: “He says he has pulmonary emphysema … and then how was he a month ago in Acapulco celebrating his daughter’s birthday dancing and all the stuff?” Alfredo Adame went to jugular.

“She is a criminal,” said the actor about Laura Bozzo and her problems with justice

Alfredo Adame denounced the Peruvian woman in court

“She is a criminal, she is a ruffian … the past is an implacable shadow that will haunt you all your life and sooner or later, no matter how fast you walk, it will catch up with you, it has already reached her … For me to burn to firewood green in hell… There are two morals: time is unforgiving and karma will always catch up with you… and two, don’t mess with Adame ”, he reacted mockingly.

“The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic requested an arrest warrant, a red card from Interpol so that Laura Bozzo is detained in more than 190 countries, she could not be a protected witness of anything, they do not have to forgive her, if they forgive her I am going to go to stand in front of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation until they put her in, I will summarize everything for you in that she is a bad person, “concluded the actor.

People go to the jugular Alfredo Adame for making fun of the justice problems with Laura Bozzo

Alfredo Adame justice Laura Bozzo

In the Instagram video shared by ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, people commented: “What a gossipy guy!”, “This real man who has nothing to do …”, “Decadent Alfredo Adame! You should be ashamed! How low, how creeping. I dedicate the song of Paquita la del barrio! ”,“ He fell in love with Miss Laura and she rejected him, that’s why he hates her ”,“ What a little man he cares about ”.

And the claims continued for Alfredo Adame: “A good dress would look good instead of pants”, “Mr. Adame I remind you that for you there is also karma”, “Time does not forgive him either, he is already well wrinkled, he hangs his neck like crest of güajolote “,” And the millions that he stole in the campaigns, where are they? “,” Could it be that this man has nothing else to do ??? “, you can read in the comments. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ALFREDO ADAME’S INTERVIEW ABOUT LAURA BOZZO

Laura Bozzo would be close to entering prison

Laura Bozzo would be close to entering prison
Photo Agency EL Universal

What happens the wretch! It seems that it is a matter of hours for Laura Bozzo, who is accused of a tax offense, to enter jail, since after failing to appear at the Santiaguito Center for Prevention and Social Readaptation in Almoloya, State of Mexico, Interpol was asked to search and locate the Peruvian driver.

According to information from El Universal, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in Mexico asked this international police organization for a “red card” to search and locate the television presenter, who has an arrest warrant. Filed Under: Alfredo Adame Mocks Laura Bozzo Justice

Laura Bozzo is wanted in more than 190 countries

Laura Bozzo is wanted in more than 190 countries
Photo Agency EL Universal

It was last Wednesday that it was announced that a federal judge had linked Laura Bozzo to the process for the alleged tax crime of 12 million pesos, obtained through the improper sale of a property seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), to guarantee the payment of a debt for 13 million pesos.

At the request of the FGR, the judge in the case determined justified preventive detention against Bozzo, for which he gave him a period of 48 hours to appear at the Santiaguito Prevention and Social Readaptation Center, in Almoloya, State of Mexico, which he did not made. Filed Under: Alfredo Adame Mocks Laura Bozzo Justice

Laura Zapata attacks Laura Bozzo

Laura Zapata attacks Laura Bozzo
Instagram photo

Last Friday was the deadline for Laura Bozzo to appear at the prison, and having ignored this order, the federal judge issued an arrest warrant against the Peruvian driver and the FGR began the procedures for the issuance of the file red and is wanted in more than 190 countries to be presented before the Mexican justice.

Just a few days ago, “Miss Laura” filed an amparo to suspend the court order for her to be admitted to the prison. The presenter argued that she is about to turn 70 years old, in addition to suffering from pulmonary emphysema, so that, if she is in jail, her health would be at risk (Filed under: They ask Interpol to find and locate Laura Bozzo ). Filed Under: Alfredo Adame Mocks Laura Bozzo Justice

Laura Bozzo in trouble with the law

More claims
Instagram photo

After the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo was accused of a tax offense for having sold a property seized by the SAT, the actress Laura Zapata gave her opinion through social networks, where she judged her to be a foreigner who came to Mexico to become millionaire.

“Have they already found her or has she escaped?” Zapata questioned on Twitter where he also shared some news photographs where Laura Bozzo is accused, who could not prove her address and would have to present herself at the prison, which she did not do . Filed Under: Alfredo Adame Mocks Laura Bozzo Justice

They want Laura Bozzo to pay before the law

They want Laura Bozzo to pay before the law
Photo: Mezcalent

“Televisa opened the doors for her and gave her what it does not give to Mexicans,” claimed Zapata in her publication, where some users supported her, such as Sandra García, who recalled some audios that were revealed in the past where Laura Bozzo speaks badly of the Mexicans.

“La malinche Sandra, la Malinche! They come to screen them, ”said Thalía‘s sister. When a user spoke of the arguments that the host presented to avoid taking her process into jail, including pulmonary emphysema, the soap opera villain pointed out that this was a lie, as she claims that she saw her dancing on a television program ( Filed Under: Interpol is asked to find and locate Laura Bozzo). Filed Under: Alfredo Adame Mocks Laura Bozzo Justice

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