Alfredo Adame insulted Chumel Torres for constant teasing: “Dwarf self-conscious”

The driver recalled the constant teasing of the youtuber (Photo: Infobae México//Cuartoscuro)

Alfredo Adame has been characterized in recent years not by his work as a driver or actor, but for the controversies in which he has been involvedfrom street fights to a controversial political campaign to become mayor of Tlalpan, in Mexico City.

Regardless of harsh criticism from people, Adame continues with his rebellious and outspoken attitude, more against his detractorsto whom he has not shown the least bit of respect due to the constant attacks he has received.

Therefore, he took advantage of the interview that the youtuber Golden Scorpion, on your show scorpion at the wheelto attack their haters and he especially remembered one, whom he greatly insulted for the taunts he has emitted.

Its about influencer Chumel Torres, who had already been involved in a lawsuit with Adame. On this occasion, and with the characteristic style of the character created by Alex Montiel, the driver called the host of El Pulso de la República a “put*” who, he assured, speaks ill of him.

Do you know who is the one who speaks ill of me? that whore of Chumel Torres. Like a good dwarf, fucking self-conscious dwarf (…) He’s a whore, a fucking whore, and the other two guys who go out with him are whores. Pinch * self-conscious dwarf ”, Adame detailed amidst the laughter of the Golden Scorpion.

Alfredo Adame insulted Chumel Torres
Alfredo Adame did not keep anything against Chumel Torres (Photo: YouTube/PelucheEn ElEstuche)

This fragment of the video was rescued by the content creator from Chihuahua, who land “claimed” to the also actoralthough in a very characteristic way and without falling into the same game full of profanity.

“Listen Mister Adame!!! Which “two other whores that accompany me”?!? According to me we are three, specify!!!”, wrote Torres from his account Twitterto subsequently generate a survey to find out the identity of the friends who were referred to in the video.

The users of this social network did not take long to respond to this lawsuit and assured that tEverything was a construction of Adame himself to be noticedsince Chumel Torres was gaining fame for his constant appearances and mentions at the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

“That is not worth it, he did it to look good because cAs @ChumelTorres already comes out in the morning, I even pronounce his name correctly becausedid not want to mention the other thousands who talk about him, just like the Presi”, reads between the comments.

Alfredo Adame insulted Chumel Torres
The driver of the Pulse of the Republic responded to the actor’s insults (Photo: Twitter)

Another sector took it with humor and assured that the influencer is the young version of Carlos Trejo, the ghostbuster who was about to fight against Adame for a personal lawsuit that they have maintained for several years.

“@_alfredoadame is going to appear in the new film of Days of Future Past fighting with pure fucking bicycle kicks and peanuts against @ChumelTorres of the present and Chumel Viejito”, they wrote.

Until now, Alfredo Adame has not made any statement after Torres’ messagesso it is expected that in some public meeting he will give more details about this his new rivalry, or perhaps everything will remain in a brief lawsuit of declarations.

The television host’s anger arose after the youtuber made fun of his campaign start politics last year, when he assured that the candidate is rude because it is “their only way to get over v**ga”.

Nor did he miss the street fight against a couple on public roads and made a sarcastic comment: Fact: Nothing unites Mexico more than Alfredo Adame being shamefully grabbed,” wrote.