Alfredo Adame is part of the LGBT Pride March in support of his son

Once again the Mexican actor Alfredo Adame He gave something to talk about, this time after he attended the LGBT+ Pride March, this not only to show his support for the community, but also for his son Sebastián, who declared himself openly homosexual. The artist seeks to show that he has changed, since his eldest son and his family have declared that he has humiliated him because of his sexual orientation.

Previously, the 64-year-old driver had promised that he would go to the pride march, something he fulfilledbecause on social networks he uploaded photos and videos in which he showed that he meets a contingent and that he traveled in an allegorical car, along with more members of the lesbian-gay community, with whom he took some snapshots and was very happy. to participate in this event.

at a press conference Alfredo Adame spoke in favor of the community to which his son belongs, as he assured that the march is in favor of “dignity, courage, honor and, above all, human rights.” He also denied that he had humiliated Sebastián for being gay and on the contrary came out in his defense.

“I have a son who is from the community, you know him and I am very proud of him, when he told me, I got up, two tears came out of my eyes and I told him: ‘I love you, Sebastián, I love you, I respect you, I love you. I adore and support you’”Said the former host of “Hoy”, who has said that he wants to improve his relationship with his children.

While Sebastián Adame showed on his Instagram account that he also attended the Pride March in Mexico CityHowever, he did not travel in the same contingent as his father, because while Alfredo meets other personalities such as Sergio Mayer, Gaby Spanic, La Tigresa del Oriente, among others, he is with his mother traveling in another truck.

“Always well accompanied”, placed in a photo in his Instagram stories where he is seen with Mary Paz Banquells, with whom Adame has had several disagreements. With this publication, Sebastián shows again that the one who has always shown him his support has been his mother, while he continues to distance himself from his father.

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