Alfredo Adame prepares lawsuit against Laura Bozzo

The actor Aldredo Adame, announced that he is already preparing his lawsuit against Laura bozzo, whom he accuses of labor exploitation and affirms that he will not rest until he sees her behind bars.

Alfredo Adame also announced that he is starting the year on the right foot, as he is resuming his career as an actor and already has various projects on the horizon, both in Mexico and abroad.

However, the controversial Adame does not abandon the scandals, as he assured that he will soon initiate a legal process against Laura Bozzo, with which he intends to take her behind bars.

Let us remember that in AmericanPost.News We have let you know that the driver has faced many legal problems and Laura Bozzo even confessed that she thought about committing suicide so as not to go to prison.

What about Laura Bozzo and Alfredo Adame?

The lawsuit of Laura Bozzo and Alfredo Adame has reached legal terms Alfredo Adame accuses Laura Bozzo of labor exploitation

In a recent interview with various media outlets, the actor Alfredo Adame revealed that he plans to denounce the Peruvian for labor exploitation.

It states that the driver of Peruvian origin brought several people to work illegally in Mexico.

“I am going to make a public complaint to the prosecution and they will be in charge of investigating it, I have it saved for them,” he said.

The legal problems between Alfredo Adame and Laura Bozzo have given much to talk about, because even the actor has confessed that he denounced her, given the tax evasion in which she starred.

Alfredo Adame reaffirms his hatred

Alfredo Adame accuses Laura Bozzo of labor exploitation

Alfredo Adame assured that he has all the evidence to proceed legally against the driver Laura Bozzo.

Among the evidence, it states that it includes the testimonies of several of the alleged victims:

“I have names and I have everything. The issue was that they were told to come to work in Mexico, they came with a tourist visa and they began to work in the production of this lady ”.

“And it turns out that at the time of the check they gave them only 20% of their salary and told them: ‘shut up because you’re working illegally.’

On the other hand, the controversial actor was questioned about the debt he owes to his ex-partner Diana Golden, to whom he confessed he sent a present last December:

“To Diana Golden, since I can’t pay her because I don’t have a job, I already sent her her Christmas present: an arm,” she said with a laugh.

The actor Alfredo Adame It has been characterized by starring in endless scandals, but without a doubt one of the ones that have attracted the most attention is that of Laura bozzo.

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