Alfredo Adame reappeared after a street fight and said he was the victim of robbery

The reasons why the confrontation between Adame and the woman began are still unclear (Photo: screenshot/Twitter)

After being caught in a fight with a woman in the street, Alfredo Adame gave his version of the events and assured that the people with whom he confronted they stole his cell phone and a chain.

Alfredo Adame again caused controversy by getting involved in a street fight. In the videos that circulated on social networks, the driver is heard claiming the woman for her cell phonefor later too get into a fist fight with two men.

In a short interview he had with come the joyThe actor assured that the way the woman attacked him was because he wanted to steal some of his belongings.

“I said: ‘Why do you let me come around my neck?’ No, well, until later, when I started out and the whole thing, I found a little pendant that I was carrying lying on a red stone and I got here and said: ‘Chin, of course,’ I picked up the pendant. Why did I go here? (to the neck), well, to steal my chain”

Alfredo Adame fights
The actor showed his pants with holes after the fight (Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

He added that someone made him see that a person was getting into his car through the window to take his cell phone, so not only was the chain stolen, but also his phone.

In addition to this, he showed how his pants and shirt after the fight, both with various cuts.

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