Alfredo Adame warned that Laura Bozzo only fought the first “round”

Alfredo Adame assured that Laura Bozzo has still not gotten rid of the Mexican authorities or him (Photos: Cuartoscuro // Televisa)

Laura bozzo announced that she is no longer being persecuted by the Mexican authorities thanks to the fact that her arrest warrant was suspended, however, Alfredo Adame He warned that this would be only the first of the legal problems that the presenter has to fight, because once his process is being carried out, he is willing to provide evidence that he is guilty of other crimes.

Since Laura Bozzo announced that her freedom is not compromised, for the moment, Alfredo Adame reacted negatively to this news and assured that the Peruvian in the near future will face not only accusations from the Tax Administration Service (SAT), but will also have to face others five problems that would have dragged so far.

As mentioned by Adame in the program Gossip, the driver fought the “first round”, but it needs to be exempted for having escaped from justice, by debt you have with the SAT, for having sold a seized property, by attempted murder against her ex-husband and the investigation folder that he put together on the alleged Network trafficking.

Laura Bozzo faces charges against tax evasion and her situation worsens after being a fugitive from justice
Laura Bozzo faces charges against tax evasion and her situation worsens after being a fugitive from justice (Photo: Capture Televisa Program)

“That chocolate is still missing. The moment she shows up and anything, at that moment I I burst the folder that I already have, after having gone through the General Directorate of Migration Affairs, the Attorney General’s Office and the SAT ”, said the actor.

The protagonist of Under the same face assured are 19 persons those that Bozzo and Cristian Suarez brought to Mexico from Peru as tourists, but are actually working in the country.

He added that he does not intend to stop until he manages to make Laura pay for the alleged crimes she has committed in the country, because he thinks that the presenter only came to make fun of justice and Mexicans.

Finally, he spoke about his own process that he is facing for the SAT, with the phrase “Which owes nothing fears nothing” He said that he has not committed any crime, but that everything would have been a mistake and a check that was not done correctly, so he would be victorious in this legal problem.

Adame assured that his process is not as serious as Bozzo’s, so he would not have to go to jail (Photo: Infobae México) (Photo: Infobae México. /)

Since the self-proclaimed lawyer of the poor announced that his arrest warrant was suspended, Adame was surprised, noting that it was not possible that “A disgusting being” who has been linked to several alleged crimes in Mexico has managed to remain free after “He said that Mexico was a country of shit and that Mexicans were one asshole ”, he commented in a meeting with the media.

And it is that supposedly it would have been Alfredo himself who gave the notice to the Mexican authorities about the tax evasion and the sale of the property seized by the SAT, which is why on August 11 he was imposed as a precautionary measure to go to prison .

The actor also reproached that some television station wants to give him the opportunity to appear on the screen, because the Peruvian announced that in 2022 I could come back with a show similar to his already acquaintances talk shows, in addition to also talking about the planning of a bioseries in which he would tell his tragedies and what it was like to have been hidden from the authorities worldwide for three months before he managed to reach the current agreement that allows him to be free.


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