Alicia Flores, a character in Gloria Trevi’s series, bears obvious similarities to Maria Raquenel

Gloria Trevi's series "Ellas Soy Yo" presents Alicia Flores, inspired by Maria Raquenel Portillo, exploring Trevi's bond with Sergio Andrade.

The series about the life of singer Gloria Trevi, which was produced by VIX, promises to offer an in-depth look at her story. It has revealed an exciting twist by introducing a character inspired by the famous Maria Raquenel Portillo, better known as “Mary Boquitas”.

The series, which promises to immerse viewers in the ups and downs of Gloria Trevi‘s life and career, has taken a surprising approach by introducing a character named Alicia Flores, who bears obvious similarities to Maria Raquenel.

Alicia Flores is Mary Boquitas?

¿Alicia Flores es Mary Boquitas?
Alicia Flores is Mary Boquitas?

Known as “Mary Boquitas,” María Raquenel was a media figure and artist who was part of Gloria and Sergio Andrade’s life, as she has told in her own podcast.

It is worth remembering that Gloria mentioned that there were characters with different names and acts that corresponded to others so as not to hurt anyone else since she considers that the topics that are touched on within the series can have an impact on those involved.

Alicia recently made a podcast called “En boca cerrada”, which has 10 chapters where she tells her story of how Sergio Andrade played with her mind when she was just a child, taking her away from her parents and from having normal adolescence and youth.

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How many chapters does Gloria Trevi’s series have?

Gloria Trevi’s new series called “Ellas soy yo” has 5 episodes, which tell the story of how she came to be under the supervision of Sergio Andrade and how he began to make her fall in love with him.

The series about Gloria Trevi, which has generated audience expectations since its announcement, continues to be one of the most exciting and anticipated projects in the entertainment industry.

When will there be more episodes of Ellas Soy Yo, the Gloria Trevi series?

This new Gloria Trevi bioseries will have a different way of adding chapters since every Friday, the platform will add 5 chapters, and they will be in telenovela format, almost an hour per episode.

The new format is designed for fans to watch these 5 episodes throughout the week, so they don’t have to wait so long.