Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano announced their break with a post on social networks

Photo: Instagram / @robertoromanomx

Alicia machado Y Roberto Romano they overflowed the romance in reality The House of the Famous, where they met, and shortly after they began a romantic relationship in which they were happy and stable. But this weekend, the couple announced the end of their relationship.

For her part, Alicia shared a post on Instagram where she wrote: “True female empowerment is in our actions more than in our words. Knowing how to discern what we want and need in our lives is decisive. Be careful 2022 that I go with everything, more sure of myself than ever, grateful for the love of my audience, SINGLE, with an armored and vaccinated heart “

The followers of Machado did not take long to realize the forceful message of the actress, so they asked Roberto Romano if he was single.

(Photo: Instagram screenshot: @machadooficial)
(Photo: Instagram screenshot: @machadooficial)

A user asked Roberto Romano if he was single, to which the actor replied with a simple: “Yes”, confirming his break with the former Miss Universe.

Alicia Machado was criticized when she made her relationship with Romano public, as several of the followers of the reality show TelemundoThey commented that the actress had only dated Roberto for his fame.

A couple of months ago, the actress had to go out to deny these rumors on the program Tell me what you know, where he commented: “I am going to tell you one thing and with all the love I have for you. After The House of the Famous I will not allow them to come into my life, even though I was exposed for three months; they know that my soul and my heart is theirs but I am also a woman who goes after happiness “

(Photo: Instagram screenshot: @robertoromanomx)
(Photo: Instagram screenshot: @robertoromanomx)

“Nor can I allow my fans, the public, or anyone from now on feel with the right to handle me or make decisions in my intimate and personal life as if I were a plastic doll. I lived that when I was 18 years old and I will not allow it again”Alicia added.

In addition, the actress assured at the time that Romano was a “good boy”. In fact, Roberto took advantage of any opportunity to show off the Venezuelan in their Instagram stories, where they were always seen happy and in love.

The couple had shared a series of photographs in past weeks., where they were seen sharing an intimate moment while spending time at Machado’s house in Miami. In addition, the former Miss Universe shared some photographs where she was seen under a Christmas tree, so various users had assured that the couple would be celebrating the Christmas holidays together.

alicia and roberto
The artist shared a photo with her new boyfriend Roberto Romano (Photo: Instagram: @machadooficial)

The ex-beauty queen was harshly criticized by her followers and received different comments, some praised him about his tree and its ornaments, while other users criticized his relationship with Romano.

Despite being one of the relationships that managed to last after The House of the Famous, the couple seems to have ended up on good terms, as the couple are still following each other on Instagram.

A few days ago, Photographs where Roberto was seen with another woman quickly became viral, so that several Internet users were already suspicious of the couple’s breakup.


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