Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano hint after their breakup

winner of The House of the Famous, Alicia Machado, and her beau Roberto Romano ended their relationship or at least that is how they made it understood through social networks. In them, celebrities responded to some of their followers and they took it as hints between them after their breakup.

Little was the duration of the love affair between Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano. When everything seemed to be going smoothly and they even presumed happy and very in love on social networks, both have come out to respond to some followers who are: “Single.”

Alicia machado wrote: “No pretty it’s not that traumatic. I’m fine ”to a follower who stressed to Alicia about the warning that Roberto Romano: “It did not suit him”. “True female empowerment is in our actions more than in our words. Knowing how to discern what we want and need in our lives is decisive. Be careful 2022 that I go with everything. More sure of myself than ever, grateful for the love of my audience, single, with an armored and vaccinated heart. Let nothing stop us ”, he added the former Miss Universe.

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For its part, Roberto Romano he limited himself to answering only “Yes” when asked if he was single. Rumors arose there that the actor had been seen in Mexico kissing a woman, but others also emerged who said that it had been because of a movie in which he was participating. Regarding this corridor gossip, neither of them has spoken.

The good news is that they are both in very good moments in their careers and that we will probably continue to see them in different projects. But it is undeniable that this is a hard blow for all those who had been delighted with this love between Alicia machado Y Roberto Romano.

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