Alicia Machado asleep with drops in La Casa de los Famosos

  • Alicia Machado is being the victim of a ‘terrible play’ by classmates in La Casa de los Famosos
  • The reality show of Telemundo climbed to another level to raise the audience and the former Miss Universe is the victim
  • Verónica Montes is ‘drugging’ Alicia Machado to make her sleep more than normal

Gaby Spanic left the Casa de los Famosos a few days ago, but now a 24-hour-a-day video resurfaces on the Telemundo reality show in which the recently expelled woman along with Verónica Montes talk about an ‘alarming strategy’ that they are doing to her Alicia Machado, because they are ‘drugging’ her.

It seems that few are those who want the ExMiss Universe within the reality show and in addition to making it the ‘law of ice’ that is to say that everyone treats it as if it did not exist, since only Manelik and Pablo Montero speak to it, but Verónica Montes decided go ‘further’ and now a tremendous controversy has been unleashed that ask to be penalized for putting the health of Alicia Machado ‘at risk’.

Alicia Machado is allegedly drugged by Verónica Montes in La Casa de los Famosos


And it is that the strategies in La Casa de los Famosos are the order of the day a few weeks before the end of the Telemundo reality show that has caused so much controversy, but now things got out of control when in a video of days ago, Verónica Montes is heard telling Gaby Spanic that she put a few drops of sleep in Alicia Machado’s drinks and food.

The actress who participated in the series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, Verónica Montes in complicity with Gaby Spanic, supposedly a very good friend of Alicia Machado, whose friendship was fractured in the Casa de los Cielos confesses: “she fell asleep… I gave her the drops ”, in a mocking tone.

Are you asking for a penalty for Verónica Montes for putting drops on Alicia Machado in La Casa de los Famosos?

They put drops on Alicia Machado, Verónica Montes The House of the Famous
YouTube: World of Dolls

“Was there a chiqui chiqui or not?” Gaby Spanic is heard saying, while Verónica Montes responds: “no, she fell asleep”, and the other turns “with the drops?”, And the young woman with colored eyes accepts : “I gave him the drops”, so that ‘La Usurpadora finished happily: “oh how good, have a rest”.

But Verónica Montes reveals that she was not the only one who put drops to sleep, because Pablo Montero is also her victim: “I gave Pablo and I gave her …”, very calm and without any remorse, on the contrary, like a Acceptable strategy for the reality show La Casa de los Famosos.

They demand justice for Alicia Machado after being a victim of Verónica Montes in La Casa de los Famosos

Alicia Machado House of the Famous Verónica Montes

Faced with the controversial video published by the YouTube channel ‘World of Dolls’, the comments demanded justice for the former Miss Universe: “The production must take action in this matter, they must do justice”, “We demand justice for Alicia Machado, this is not it can remain like this and those involved should be punished ”,“ This is a criminal act and action must be taken in this regard ”.

“There Veronica is saying it to the one who always walked with the bible in her hands, to Gaby, Veronica, laughing, told them that she put the drops on Alicia’s food and Gaby replied that it was good that you rest. That is a crime, production what these people have done is punishable by law, I hope that when Alicia comes out she will sue the production, Telemundo and the people who committed the crime, ”another viewer commented angrily. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF VERÓNICA MONTES CONFESSING WHAT SHE DID

Coexistence in La Casa de los Famosos is at the top and several decided to agree to ‘sleep’ Alicia Machado

They confirm to sleep Alicia Machado, The House of the Famous, Verónica Montes

For her part, Cristina Eustace celebrates that Verónica Montes has put Alicia Machado ‘to sleep’ in the Casa de los Famosos and in a video of the YouTube channel ‘Liz Zam 80’ a video appears where she mocks saying: “We need to make content and we are a little afraid that Alicia will wake up but you don’t worry, they have put drops on her to make her fall asleep… ”, comments Lorenzo Méndez’s ex.

That only unleashed more indignation and support for Alicia Machado: “And reading the Bible, hahaha name, thank you for the things you do, they confirm that we support Alicia and see her as the winner”, “Wow if Cristina knew that many of us watched the program just because of Alicia. make those comments “,” You will see hypocrite when you go out and see that only Alicia really cared for you “,” Bored and without any joke, on the other hand Alicia anything she says makes us laugh “. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CRISTINA EUSTACE CONFIRMING THE DROPS TO ALICIA MACHADO

Alicia Machado has been at the center of controversy since La Casa de los Famosos started. Is Verónica Montes jealous of her?

They celebrate that Alicia Machado is sleeping Casa de los Famosos Verónica Montes

Go that the reality show of Telemundo, The House of the Famous, has left unforgettable moments for the spectators since its premiere, but now the Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado surprised everyone by revealing that she suffered domestic violence.

In a video that is available on the Like Noticias YouTube channel, it is observed the right moment when Miss Universe 1996 makes this unexpected confession to her classmates, including the Mexican actress Manelyk González, in addition to expressing her point of view. about infidelity.

The former Miss Universe was a victim of violence

YouTube photo

Before entering fully with this confession, Alicia Machado shared that one of her partners, of whom she did not say her name, was always “a womanizer”, although she acknowledges that the relationship was very beautiful: “We were very young, I was about 23 , 24 “.

At that moment, the Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero arrived, who has had a friendship with the also model for several years and recalled a very beautiful stage in his life: “He took me everywhere, he took me to concerts, his brothers, may they rest in peace, they were the best, and then I would go with his family ”. Filed under: Alicia Machado, victim of her companions in the Casa de los Famosos; Verónica Montes is the culprit.

Alicia Machado was beaten and told about it in La Casa de los Famosos

He took me everywhere, his brothers were the best, his family too.  The time that was was.  I lived in Miami, I was doing a series in Miami, we never fought
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“We never fought, we never fought, I got angry because he went to the streets, he blew me away, women and you know, but when I was with him he was very respectful, but the times I accompanied him to his concerts he gave me my place and his brothers took care of me ”, revealed Alicia Machado.

“When you want that man to behave in a way that he isn’t, that’s when you start to fight, but the environment he’s in is like that, you know what you’re getting into, that is, you can’t get angry for everything, ”said the Venezuelan actress on this occasion. Filed under: Alicia Machado, victim of her companions in the Casa de los Famosos; Verónica Montes is the culprit.

He unmasked the man who did violence to him

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Without ‘releasing a pledge’, although it is intuited that he was a famous Mexican singer, perhaps Pablo Montero himself, Alicia Machado recalled that her partner was a very liar: “Sometimes I thank you, I don’t like such an honest man. for what? I never leave a man for being unfaithful, I leave him for hanging … because I realized, all men are unfaithful ”.

“The request … is that they do not give you your place and you do not realize it. As long as I don’t realize it, I am happy. As they say, the cathedral and the chapels, as long as I am the cathedral and I don’t find out that there are chapels, it’s good for me mad… until I find out, because that’s the problem, unless it’s an open relationship ”. Filed under: Alicia Machado, victim of her companions in the Casa de los Famosos; Verónica Montes is the culprit.

He had everyone shocked with his revelations

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And when no one would have expected it, Alicia Machado expressed that she feels a lucky woman in love, even though she has never been married, although what she would say next to the Mexican actress Manelyk González took her by surprise.

“There is only one guy I went out with who put his hand on me, hit me very ugly, a cab … believe me, he already paid, I will never say anything more about that person, he already paid what he had to pay and what missing. It is with the only person that, obviously, I do not speak to him and there is no possibility ”. Filed under: Alicia Machado, victim of her companions in the Casa de los Famosos; Verónica Montes is the culprit.

“He is the only man who has laid his hand on me,” said Alicia Machado at the Casa de los Famosos

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To conclude with this issue, Miss Universe 1996 said that this “guy” is the only man who has laid his hand on her, although she did not give more details about his identity: “Thank God I have gone out with gentlemen. My father used to say: ‘the girl doesn’t get hit’ ”.

“The net, how cool I like Alicia and Pablo, those are the friendships that are worth it”, “I’m in love with Pablo and Alicia’s relationship, everything that Alicia talks about their relationship and Pablo just laughs”, you can read in some comments (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).