Alicia Machado poses without clothes on Instagram and they tell her that there is no doubt that she is a Miss Universe

Alicia Machado was uncovered on Instagram – Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.

Alicia Machado published a very sensual photo on her Instagram account, in which she appears without any clothing on her upper body and lying face down, covering the essentials for lying down, and looking at the camera with a serious face. At the same time, her hair is pulled back, and her sparkly earrings fall on her face.

“When your old concepts begin to get in the way of your success, it is right there where God sends you the exact test so that you evolve and expand to another new freedom. If you don’t feel intensely, what good is life for us” is the message with which Machado accompanied this image.

The Venezuelan model, actress, and former Miss Universe and also winner of the first season of ‘La Casa de lo Famosos’ got more than 3,8000 likes with this daring photo that also generated some comments from her most loyal followers. These are some of the messages left to Alicia Machado after this publication:

“You have to live intensely. Thanks for reminding me every day, Ali”, “Ever since cupid shot an arrow in my heart, every time I see you, I go crazy,” and “No doubt, there’s a reason she’s still Miss Universe,” said some of her Instagram followers.

Alicia Machado is currently filming a series for Telemundo called ‘Juego de Mentiras.’ In it, the Venezuelan plays a senator, being that character the villain of the story. In an interview for ‘En Casa con Telemundo,’ the actress detailed the way she prepared herself to be able to give life to her character:

“First of all, by reading the character, what the directors and writers send you. I am a referential actor. I grab and start looking for women who are the profile of this character. I’ve gone a little more into the Internet to read the real work that a U.S. senator does and how he does it. And so I have the support of my colleagues and directors. We have the best in Latin America in this project, “said Machado.