Alicia Machado with a sexy bodysuit says why she should win Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos

On the Instagram account of Alicia machado A message appears with which she exposes to her followers the reason why she should win the reality show of The House of the Famous. Along with her words, she poses on a bed in white, while she wears a black bodysuit.

The Venezuelan answers this question: “Why should I win #lacasadelosfamosos?”

“I have been the same from day one until today. I have not had poses or masks. I am far from perfect and when I have to apologize or forgive, I do it from the heart, “says the Venezuelan.

He also added: “After 25 years in this medium, this show finally came into my life that allowed me to show myself how I really am, and many people have identified with me because I don’t want to pretend anything. I admit that sometimes I have my starts, but that’s the way I am. I am neither planning nor orchestrating evil. When I like things I say them, and when I don’t like them too ”.

Former beauty queen Miss Universe added: “I have never sought to inspire pity or to be pitied. When I am a friend and unconditional, I show it as I showed it in the program. As a single mother I want this award to go to my daughter, to give her a better education and have a better future ”.

To conclude he said: “Don’t keep losing focus between what one person is talking about or the other. The final decision will be yours and it will depend solely on your votes that we achieve the #TeamMachado this new crown. Please vote at ”.

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