Alicia Machado’s daughter brutally ignores Roberto Romano at the end of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Alicia machado was the great winner of “The House of the Famous”And the star who took the $ 200 thousand dollars. The former Miss Universe was victorious and won the grand prize receiving 40,586,129 votes.

Upon leaving the house, Machado could not contain her excitement of success and was very grateful to the people for having supported her. The big surprise for Alicia was that her daughter Dinorah valentina and her mom were waiting to see her after so long.

Alicia was the happiest to see her daughter after so long. The winner saw that her daughter had already grown a lot since the last time she saw her.

Dinorah started to greet her mom’s friends like Cristina Eustace and Manelyk González. The young woman later greeted the participants of the Telemundo reality show one by one. Everyone waited for the moment to see how he greeted Roberto Romano, the love interest of his famous mother.

Roberto was in the middle of Uriel del toro and Anahi Izali. Dinorah greeted Uriel with a kiss and hug and jumped over Roberto to give Anahí a hug.

Alicia realizes that Dinorah did not greet Roberto and asks him to greet him, but she refuses to do so. The winner was surprised and her face said it all.

The moment went viral on social media when the account Novel Lounge shared the snub clip. Alicia took the grand prize and Dinorah took the viral moment of the end of “La Casa de los Famosos”.

Check out Dinorah’s snub of Roberto Romano here!

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