Aliens arrival next year: netizen predicts arrival

  • Tiktoker warns of the arrival of aliens for next year
  • As revealed, he traveled to 2022 and received the message from the aliens
  • The ‘prediction’ has gone viral on social media

Aliens arrival next year. The issue that if we are alone in the universe, has been touched on several occasions having different versions of the experts, there are those who do not believe that there is life on other planets, while others are very convinced that we are not the only ones with life. But there were those who predicted that it will not be long before the aliens visit us.

A video of a TikTok user is circulating through social networks who assures that in the year 2022 we will have the visit of alien life. Many users think that this issue is a conspiracy so they see it almost impossible that this will happen, according to the TN portal.

Internet user assures the arrival of aliens next year


Over the years various theories of the aliens have been unveiled where they have even shared material about alleged UFOs and signs in the cornfields. But despite this situation, this issue continues to generate divided opinions, since nothing concrete has been had.

The young netizen who claims he is a time traveler, shared a video on his TikTok account to alert citizens about the arrival of the aliens on Earth in the year 2022. The user affirms that next year, this topic will be confirmed to end the doubts.

User predicts arrival of aliens next year in TikTok video

User predicts arrival of aliens next year in TikTok video

The supposed time traveler revealed that it will be next year when we have the visit of beings from another planet. The testimony went through the different networks and is receiving hundreds of messages from the different users who gave their opinion on the tiktoker prediction.

It was through the TikTok account of ‘futuretimetraveller’ where the user’s video has gone viral, which has generated several comments from his followers. Many say that it is a lie to achieve popularity on the social network, while others firmly believe in what counts.

On May 24 the aliens will arrive on Earth next year

On May 24 the aliens will arrive on Earth next year

The tiktoker assured that in 2022 aliens will already live on Earth with human beings. He even stated that the aliens will arrive on Earth on May 24, 2022. According to his version, the aliens belong to a race called ‘Nirons’.

He even revealed how these supposed creatures that will arrive to our planet in 2022 would be, everything seems to indicate that they will have an elongated skull and a distorted appearance. He also says that they will be a dark gray color and that they are approximately 2.23 meters long. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

“What are they coming to do?” they asked about the arrival of aliens next year


To conclude, the user told a piece of information that greatly concerned fans on the subject. Everything seems to indicate that the aliens will not be a threat to the human race, nor will they be a risk or danger to the inhabitants of Earth. “In my time there are many different extraterrestrials and, in reality, they already live on Earth today as citizens in the future,” said the traveler.

Internet users immediately began to comment on this recording: “I need to know rather how they are going to behave, what are they coming to do?”, “Will they take over the multinationals?” and if they know how to use Tinder “,” Done. In 2022 my long-awaited and desired boyfriend arrives ”and“ let’s talk next year to see if you were right or not ”.

They catch UFO in California

Marina captures UFO California

On this subject a few months ago a chilling video was leaked from the United States Navy, where they managed to capture an unidentified flying object (UFO), in front of the waters of the state of California, where the strange figure quickly disappears without being able to visualize itself completely.

In the clip it is possible to observe how the unidentified flying object, better known as UFO, is floating for a few minutes near the California sea, when suddenly the round figure disappears in a matter of seconds, astonishing the people who recorded the moment . TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Words from Jeremy Corbell

Marina captures UFO California 2

During the recording, it is observed how the Navy personnel who are recording mention that he ‘disappeared’. Documentary writer Jeremy Corbell in his post states that the video was recorded on July 15, 2019 in front of San Diego, at 11:00 p.m.: “No remains were found. No ship was recovered, ”he said.

“It is observed in intelligence reports that the ‘spherical’ ship appeared to have transmedia capability and was observed descending into the water without destruction. The ship could not be found upon entering the water (a submarine was used in the search) and nothing was recovered, ”Corbell added. Filed Under: Aliens Arrival Next Year

The Pentagon confirms its veracity

Marina captures UFO California 5

At the Pentagon, the spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, Susan Gough, confirmed to the portal the authenticity of the clip shared on social networks. “I can confirm that the video was recorded by Navy personnel and that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group (UAPTF), belonging to the US Office of Naval Intelligence, included it in their investigations. ongoing ”, were the words of the spokesperson, according to Infobae.

Jeremy Corbell wrote on his social media profile: “We don’t know if the Navy or the Pentagon might be willing to say something about the USS Omaha incident, but we trust that the incident is a legitimate mystery and we await any information that may arrive ”. Filed Under: Aliens Arrival Next Year

A similar background

Marina captures UFO California 4

It is worth mentioning that the video was shared to the public just a few days before the 60-minute program broadcast an interview with two former members of the Navy, where their role was to be pilots, and that they were sent to investigate some unknown flying objects. that descended near San Diego in 2004.

According to NBC News, Dave Fravor one of the former Navy pilots told the show where he was interviewed that when he went to the scene, he was found a “small white object with the appearance of a Tic-Tac” that was sliding on the water just seconds before disappeared, then the ship USS Princeton mentioned that the figure reappeared on its radar 60 miles away. Filed Under: Aliens Arrival Next Year

“Cbetter understand nature and origin

Marina captures UFO California 3

Previously, the Pentagon created a military device that allows them to better carry out UFO studies, this device created in August 2020 focuses on detecting unidentified flying objects, in addition to capturing enemy espionage maneuvers and avoiding any surprises.

The spokeswoman for the Department of Defense, Susan Gough, said in a statement that with the creation of this apparatus “working cell on unidentified aerial phenomena”, it is planned to “better understand the nature and origin” of these strange phenomena that have not yet been identified. you can understand. Filed Under: Aliens Arrival Next Year

Words from the Department of Defense spokesperson

PHOTO Twitter

Even the Defense Department spokeswoman mentioned the Pentagon’s mission in cases like these, where these kinds of figures are observed in the sky, is “to detect, analyze and catalog these unidentified aerial phenomena that could represent a threat to national security.”

He even said that the Pentagon has been completely dedicated to these types of cases: “It takes very seriously any incursion of unauthorized aircraft in our training centers or in our airspace, and reviews all the reports,” added Gough. Filed Under: Aliens Arrival Next Year