Alisha Lehmann celebrated a Cristiano Ronaldo goal and the video went viral

Photo: Barrington Coombs/Getty Images

Swiss footballer Alisha Lehmann scored a goal in Aston Villa’s victory over Manchester City 4-3 and his Cristiano Ronaldo-style celebration quickly went viral on social media.

Alisha opened the account at minute 22 and later Rachel Daly at 32 and 76 and Kenza Dali at 58 closed the goals for “Las Villanas”.

The footballer and Aston Villa record, with more than 8 million followers on Instagram and others on Tik Tok, showed that she is not only an influencer and that she is mainly an excellent definer. In addition, the celebration of him in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo did not go unnoticed.

Alisha Lehmann is one of the soccer players with the most followers on social networks

Alisha Lehmann is very followed on networks, she is an influencer soccer player highly requested by her fans, either because of its undeniable beauty or because of the jocularity in its content. On this occasion, his forehand against the City goalkeeper served to open the account and unleash the euphoria of his followers.

Currently Lehmann is the girlfriend of another Aston Villa footballer, the Brazilian Douglas Luizwith whom you constantly share content through your social networks.

Alisha Lehmann’s career

Alisha Lehmann, in addition to Aston Villa, has worn the shirt of West Ham United, Everton in England and is an international with the Swiss National Team.

But his entire career began with Young Boys in his native Switzerland. Alisha Lehman hopes to continue contributing goals to her team that at the moment occupies the third box of the Women’s Premier.

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