Alleged hitman with old man latex mask Hyunkook Korsiak arrested in Tarrytown, NY, with an assault rifle

An alleged hit man was arrested by undercover FBI agents in New York in possession of guns, ammunition and a latex old man mask that he would wear to commit a $50,000 murder in Manhattan.

Hyunkook Korsiak, an alleged hitman, was arrested by the FBI in New York with weapons, ammunition, and even an old man’s latex mask that he would use to commit a murder near Battery Park City, in Lower Manhattan.

Federal prosecutors said Korsiak, 41, wanted $50,000 to carry out a murder in midtown Manhattan but ended up caught up in what the FBI said was a sting operation.

From January until his arrest this month, Korsiak met with undercover FBI agents after the Bureau of Prisons intercepted a message he sent detailing his desire to kill someone for money, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

He displayed a callous disregard for life and planned to carry out his act of violence in the middle of Manhattan.”

Michael J. Driscoll, Deputy Director of the FBI

Korsiak was arrested in Tarrytown (NY), 32 miles north of NYC, on Wednesday night. After his arrest, a search of his Chevy Malibu car allegedly discovered an assault rifle, ammunition clips, a ghost gun, a bulletproof vest, and a latex mask to try to hide his identity, NBC News detailed.

The FBI said Korsiak could be heard on recording accepting $25,000 in cash and even asking for a police uniform to help further conceal his identity when carrying out the alleged murder.

Korsiak had several meetings, all of which police have on video, with undercover officers in Boston, Tarrytown, and Manhattan. He didn’t know that those he was conspiring with were with the FBI and that the intended target—a businessman staying at a hotel—was not real.

At one of the meetings, Korsiak allegedly described how he planned to use an AR-15 and a .09mm pistol he owned and asked for silencers. According to the criminal complaint, he also requested a latex mask to dodge facial recognition technology.

In another meeting, he said he would drive to the intended target, shoot it from inside the vehicle and wear a police uniform to escape afterward.

“The defendant was willing to travel more than 300 miles to fulfill his depraved wish to be paid for taking the life of another human being,” said FBI Deputy Director Michael J. Driscoll. “He showed callous disregard for life and planned to carry out his act of violence in the middle of Manhattan.”

Korsiak served time in prison for stealing weapons from an arms dealer. He was now charged with murder for hiring and possessing a firearm after a felony conviction. If he is found guilty of both charges, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

All charges are mere accusations; those charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.