Alligator attacks 71-year-old man amid Louisiana floods

Alligator attacks 71-year-old man amid Louisiana floods
Floods cause wild animals to move towards residential areas (Reference photo)

An alligator attacked a 71-year-old man in Louisiana on Tuesday as he walked amid flooding near his home left by Hurricane Ida as it passed through the state. Until now, it is presumed that the animal managed to end its life in its seventies, the St. Tammany Parish County Sheriff’s Office reported in a statement.

“She (the man’s wife) told officers that she was inside her residence when she heard a commotion and came out to see a large alligator attacking her husband. He immediately ran towards where it was happening towards the scene of the attack in an attempt to stop it. Once the attack stopped, she pulled her husband out of the floodwaters and went back inside to collect first aid supplies, but when she returned, her husband was no longer there“Says the ad.

The Sheriff’s office also reported that the case is currently being thoroughly investigated and that they have already approved a search body for the 71-year-old man, but he is presumed dead given his serious injuries.

Jason Gaubert, the Slidell fire spokesman, told NBC News that the man had lost an arm due to the attack.

According to the communication, the case is under investigation, but they do not have more data so far. On the other hand, the office issued a warning to the citizens of the vicinity to exercise caution, as they warn that due to the floods by the Ida pass in the state, wildlife was also displaced.

Sheriff Randy Smith cautions residents to be extra vigilant when walking in flooded areas as wildlife has also been displaced during this storm and alligators and other animals may have moved closer to neighborhoods, ”the advisory concludes.

Previous attack in Utah

Similar incidents with these animals have happened before. On August 18, during a boy’s five-year party at the Utah Reptile Center, an alligator attacked an employee by biting her hand and then dragged her into his compound. A man at the scene quickly approached the worker to help.

The dramatic video lasts two minutes and you can see the moment in which the animal drags the employee and begins to walk around hugging the alligator. This is a maneuver used to prevent the reptile from pulling a limb from the body in the middle of the attack.

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