Almost without clothes Maribel Guardia ran out of a hotel for a strong reason

Maribel Guardia is a beautiful celebrity who lives in Mexico that she had a scare that made her run naked in the style of Maca Carriedo, but not because of an earthquake, if for no other reason.

It must be remembered that the earthquake of September 22, surprised the citizens at dawnso many left their homes in their pajamas and even in their underwear.

That was the case of the host of “Adela told me”, Maca Carriedo, who confessed that she ran out of her house with her pets and in boxer shorts, since she did not have time to get dressed anymore.

“I was in the boxer in the middle of the street with the dogs,” said Maca Carriendo, 36 years old.

Why did Maribel Guardia run half-naked?

It turns out that something similar happened to 63-year-old Maribel Guardia, who did not think of running away terrified and half-naked, but for another strong reason that she considered at the time.

It seems that the beautiful Maribel Guardia ran naked because of the enemy of the artists, a cockroach, because the actress, who is known for her sincerity with her fans and the press, had no shame in telling stories of her intimacy.

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The cockroach that scared Maribel Guardia

The cockroach that scared Maribel Guardia

It was through an interview with “Today”, Maribel Guardia confessed that on one occasion she ran away without clothes, because of a cockroach: “I’m terrified of cockroaches, you don’t know that I once ran out naked from a hotel for a cockroach.”

He also added: “Thank God that at that time there was no Instagram or anything like that because my representative, who was a woman, came out with a sheet and screwed me up.”

It should be noted that Maribel Guardia said that at the time she was frightened by this insect, she was taking a bath, so when she fled she had shampoo in her hair and ran half-naked: “Apart from the hair with soap, I was slipping, I didn’t kill myself miraculously.”

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