Altair Jarabo dressed as a sexy Little Mermaid conquers Instagram

Altair Jarabo is a famous actress who has begun to use the fame and popularity of television to stand out on social networks, a space in which he shares different photos and videos of his private life and of the most special moments that he considers important to show them publicly.

The beautiful actress surprised her more than 3 million followers on Instagram recently, when wearing a statuesque figure in a surprising costume of “Ariel”, the main character of The Little Mermaid, with whom he achieved a great resemblance thanks to his characterization.

It seems that the 35-year-old Mexican Altair Jarabo explained that the reason for the costume was due to the celebration of the television host and businesswoman, Olivia Peralta.

Altair Jarabo as sexy Little Mermaid

It was Olivia Peralta, who reported that her party attendees had to come dressed as a Disney character, but the interesting thing was that the character’s name had to start with the first letter of her name.

That is why the beautiful Altair Jarabo decided to wear a fitted green skirt with a mermaid cut, and an elegant purple top. In addition, her hair wore loose waves adorned with the figure of a starfish.

It is not for less that the attractive actress caused a stir among her followers, for which she exceeded 72 “likes” and more than 200 people were in charge of filling the comments section with compliments.

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The actress conquers Instagram

The actress conquers Instagram

“Disney, here is your little mermaid.”

That was what the celebrated one wrote, while other users highlighted that: “This beauty cannot be”, “What a beauty”, “You look beautiful”, “Jarabo should be the new little mermaid”, “What a beautiful Mexican”, “Stealing camera as always.”

It should be noted that the husband of the talented Altair Jarabo, the French businessman Fréderic García, wore a costume of “Frozone”, a character from the emblematic film The Incredibles.

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