Altaír Jarabo makes her followers fall in love with a sensual video in a bikini

No doubt, Altair Jarabo is one of the most beautiful and spoiled actresses in the artistic world, and to show the furor she caused on the networks after a video went viral where she wore a pronounced bikini in the pool.

The soap opera villain, in addition to being talented in her genre, is also a model who splurges with sensuality and beauty, which is recognized by her thousands of followers on social networks.

Wasting her beauty and elegance in Paris or even in the past soap operas, the actress is always on the lips of Internet users, who do not miss the opportunity to praise her personality.

The bikini video of the actress who paralyzed social networks

Through social networks, the eternal soap opera villain has left Internet users in love, who tore into his past to find a video where he wears a pronounced bikini when leaving the pool.

This time it was through the social network Twitter where Internet users shared a video clip from the past of the beautiful Altair, who was recording the melodrama “Al Diablo con Los Guapos.”

As expected, his followers showered him with compliments and reiterated that even though the video already has more than ten years, her beauty and bearing are still too present.

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How old is Altair Jarabo?

How old is Altair Jarabo?

Born on August 7, 1986, Altair Jarabo Garcia is an actress, model, influencer, and television personality currently 36 years old, the same of whom she has said happy and proud.

The talented actress has stood out for her antagonistic roles in Televisa soap operas, as well as in “Al Diablo con los Guapos“, “En Nombre del Amor”, “Pasión y Poder”, “Abismo de Pasión” and recently in “Corazón Guerrero.

As an award for his outstanding career, Altair Jarabo will be the protagonist for the first time in a melodrama. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Telemundo hired her for his new project, about which not much is known.