Altair Jarabo’s husband confesses if he is jealous of the actress’s companions

It was recently revealed that Altair Jarabo married the businessman Frédéric García, who was asked if he feels jealousy of peers actors who work with his wife.

Mexican actress Altair Jarabo, known for working on soap operas such as “Al diablo con los guapos”, was captured on a red carpet with her husband, businessman Frédéric García, whom she married this year.

Altair Jarabo and Frédéric García

The actress’s husband confesses that he is not jealous of the actors who share the screen with the actress The actress recently confessed that she is not ready to be a mother

During a magazine event, the businessman was questioned about the success of his wife Altair Jarabo and how difficult it must be for him to be married to an actress who constantly kisses or caresses other men.

However, García assured that there is no reason to be jealous of his wife’s work and on the contrary, he mentioned that he is very proud of her for what she has achieved so far.

The businessman affirmed that he supports her in everything and will always count on him for what she needs or wants.

For her part, the actress of “Full of love” declared that he is very clear about who he is for her and for her part, she always shows her love. So there is no reason to be jealous.

Altair Jarabo sons

The actress recently confessed that she is not ready to be a mom

The couple was questioned about their future plans and both declared that at the moment they are very focused on their work, remember that the actress confessed that she is not ready to be a mother.

However, in The Truth News We tell you that Altair and Frédéric did not rule out the idea of ​​having children in the future, but they are not currently in their plans, since it was a few months ago that they got married.

It should be noted that the actress married Frédéric García on August 14 in a luxurious castle in Paris, France.

Let us remember that the actress was highly criticized on social networks, where she was pointed out as “interested”, since the businessman is many years older than her.

However, the actress Altair Jarabo does not miss the opportunity to show off the fantastic relationship she has with her husband, who assured that he does not feel jealousy of peers of the beautiful Mexican.

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