Amairany mourns the loss of her parents, the owners of famed ‘Dolls Drinks’ liquor stores

Unraveling tragedy of a beloved Tepito landmark as the daughter and business heiress copes with her parents' shocking demise.

After the murder of the owners of the famous “Dolls Drinksliquor stores in the Tepito neighborhood, Amairany -a family member of the victims- expressed her grief on social networks for the loss of her mother and father, who were gunned down on the night of May 31 when they were driving a van in the streets of Mexico City (CDMX).

Through her Instagram account (@barbie_shezit_oficial_41), the young entrepreneur posted a couple of stories in which she lamented the death of her family members. In the first one, “Barbie” -as she calls herself- can be seen with a pained expression while holding a photo of her parents.

“They took my life,” said Amairany, who was also in charge of the famous “Dolls Drinks” business, which has been visited by several celebrities such as Santa Fe Klan and the members of Grupo Calibre. In the second publication, the 17-year-old shared another photograph in which she appears with her mother and father behind a Christmas tree.

The message read: “Dads, you take my life. Thank you so much. I love you guys. Don’t leave me,” Amairany wrote while the song Alzo mi voz, performed by Puerto Rican singer Tito el Bambino, could be heard in the background.

(Foto: Instagram/barbie_shezit_oficial_41)
(Photo credit: Instagram/barbie_shezit_official_41)

“What things life has. It was my turn to see you leave when I least expected it,” reads the musical theme that can be heard in just over 10 seconds. After the death of her mother and father, Amairany deleted the profile picture from her Instagram account.

The murder of the owners of “Dolls Drinks.”

On the night of May 31, it was announced that the execution of two people who were driving a white van while driving in the Aragón Inguarán neighborhood, located in Gustavo A. Madero. Preliminary information indicated that a couple of subjects opened fire on a woman and a man from a motorcycle.

It was later reported that the victims of the attack were Diana Odeli and Adrián Mendoza, owners of the famous business “Dolls Drinks,” located in the Tepito neighborhood, where the well-known “licuachelas” (beers served in blender containers) are sold.

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, Amairany’s parents were shot six times. At the time of the incident, they were on their way home. Although it was reported that the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office was already investigating what happened, there are no records of people arrested or identified.

"Dolls Drinks" es un negocio familiar que se ha convertido en un atractivo turístico de Tepito (Foto: Especial)
“Dolls Drinks” is a family business that has become a tourist attraction in Tepito (Photo: Especial).

Diana Odeli ‘s mother, identified as Angélica Martínez, indicated that members of criminal groups extorted her family because of their business, located at 41 Jesús Carranza Street, Colonia Morelos, alcaldía Cuauhtémoc. However, they refused to pay the money they demanded.

It is not known if the murder is related to the alleged extortions. The motive for the crime will be determined based on the investigations carried out by the capital authorities.

The “Dolls Drinks” is a family business that opened in 2010. Over a decade, it has become one of the main references of the Tepito neighborhood, to the extent of becoming a tourist attraction for influencers, singers, and personalities from the entertainment world.

Among the celebrities who have visited the place are Adrián Marcelo (content creator), Paola Rojas (news anchor), Christian Nodal and Cazzu (singers), Santa Fe Klan (rapper), Coreano Vlogs (Youtuber), Grupo Calibre (musical group), Bellakath (urban artist) and DJ Uzielito Mix.