Amanda del Llano: the tragic death of the actress who knew glory and failure in the Golden Age

Amanda died at the age of 44 due to complications in her liver (Photo: INAH)

Amanda del Llano spent his last days between oblivion, controversy and surgical procedures that led to her death. Who at the time was one of the promising actresses of the cinema during the Golden era He died because he couldn’t stand the surgeries to which she had to be subjected at the age of 44.

Amanda del Llano’s artistic career began when she was 20 years old. Her first appearances on the big screen were with extra roles in films that starred important artists, such was the case of The unknown gendarme with Mario Moreno Cantinflas and Gloria Marin or I danced with Don Porfirio with Joaquin Pardave.

Before venturing into the cinema, the actress dedicated herself to pedagogy and poetry, however, she was never able to make her works public, because death found her before she managed to achieve her goals as a actress, singer and poet.

From her debut in the seventh art, it didn’t take many years for the young actress to begin to attract the attention of the public, therefore, also of filmmakers who were looking for new talents. It was then that Amanda managed to get her first supporting roles alongside stars like Germán Valdés. Tin Tan, Pedro Infante and Louis Aguilar.

Amanda del Llano Pedro Infante Pepe the Bull
Amanda maintained friendship with most of her classmates, one of her closest was Pedro Infante thanks to “Pepe El Toro” (Photo: Twitter / @llenatedechiapas)

After many years of efforts and characters that did not have much impact on the public, finally came his greatest success on the screen, The rebellion of the hangedin 1954. With this film, directed by Emilio The Indian Fernández, Del Llano was nominated for the award Ariel for Best Female Co-Acting and won it.

Although previously, with the film Reportage, was also nominated for the same category of these awards, did not win the award. That is why she finally managed to position herself as the new promise of Mexican cinema.

It was then that the actress began to receive proposals to play more interesting and controversial characters. Amanda, willing to continue growing her fame, agreed to appear with little or no clothes, being one of the precursors of the artistic nudes.

Amanda del Llano
Amanda del Llano at the Ariel awards ceremony with Dolores del Río (Photo: INAH)

His first nude was in the seducerfilm that marked the end of his career as an actress. From that moment on, due to the poor reception the film received from the public, Amanda stopped receiving job offers. Throughout her 20-year career, she acted in 48 films, because after decided to leave Mexico and try your luck at Spain with the music.

After two years of becoming a renowned singer of regional mexican music throughout Spain, he tried to return to acting in Mexico, but obtained very few proposals in film and theater.

Amanda del Llano died on June 23, 1964, a few days after his 44th birthday. It is known that the actress still carried out some of her work activities before having to undergo a surgery.

Amanda del Llano
Amanda was very loved in Spain, where she had a successful two-year tour with her music (Photo: INAH)

There is a record that on February 2 of that year he had a special participation in the Candelaria Fair in his native Chihuahua. However, upon his return to Mexico City he reportedly had problems with liver.

Del Llano would have been intervened three times in a very short periodbecause with each of the procedures he would have had complicationsso the last time he left the operating room his body he failed to make it through recovery and passed away.

Upon her death, her sister announced that the actress had thought one day to make her poems public in a book, but it was she who kept the writings that did not see the light.


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