Amanda Miguel remembered Diego Verdaguer on Valentine’s Day: “Happy day, my eternal love”

Photo: Instagram / @yoamandamiguel

After the mass that was offered in the Basilica of Guadalupe for the eternal rest of Diego Verdaguer and within the framework of Valentine’s Day, amanda michael He remembered who was the love of his life and father of his only daughter with a tender message that he shared on his social networks.

The interpreter of great successes as He lied to me, My good heart, Castillos, he will never love you like thatamong others, is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life. On January 27, Diego Verdaguer died at the age of 70. due to complications in his health derived from a contagion of COVID-19, leaving a deep pain in his relatives and thousands of fans.

The couple not only conquered the Mexican public with their songs, but also moved hearts with their romantic love story. On this occasion, despite her mourning, Amanda Miguel did not want to miss her Valentine’s Day to congratulate her husband. The singer turned to her Instagram account to publish a tender dedication where she expressed how her marriage was.

(Capture: @yoamandamiguel/Instagram)
The singers built a love story that left its mark on the Mexican public (Capture: @yoamandamiguel/Instagram)

Dear Diego: Today I celebrate our love and I appreciate that you have made me so happy. Our marriage was always full of patience, loyalty and dedication; you were and will be forever, the love of my life.-Happy day, my eternal love”, he wrote.

The interpreter thanked how happy she was with her husband, since they met on the street until the day of her death. In addition to her message, Amanda Miguel published a collage-type video where she retrieved some photographs that helped her take a tour of some of the moments they lived together and set it to music with Simply loveone of his unforgettable duets.

The post shocked the users of the platform, who soon filled the comment box with messages of support and affection for the artist. Among the reactions, the presence of omar chaparrowho since the unfortunate loss became known has expressed the deep admiration he felt for the interpreter of I will be back.

Diego Verdaguer
Omar Chaparro said goodbye to his friend Diego Verdaguer at the mass offered in his honor at the Basilica of Guadalupe (Photo: Special)

I lost a friend of my mom, a teacher, a mentor, someone who loves you for freesomeone who since you know him there is a chemistry, an understanding and a complicity. It hurts me because he was looking for me. For one thing or another we did not coincide and it hurt my soul to lose him”, he said before the cameras of the sun rises after his departure from the Basilica of Guadalupe.

The mass was offered last Sunday, February 13, at noon. Amanda Miguel, Ana Victoria, family and friends were present. The public also had the opportunity to say goodbye to the famous singer thanks to the fact that the tribute was broadcast on the Basilica’s social networks. The video is currently available on his YouTube channel.

After mass, Amanda and her daughter agreed to meet with the media to speak, for the first time, about their heartfelt loss. Remarkably moved, Amanda Miguel thanked the public for their affection and shared that part of her husband’s ashes will rest in the Basilica because that was her wish.

Diego Verdaguer and Amanda Miguel with their daughter Ana Victoria
Photo: The Stars

A part of them is going to be here and another part is going to be in Hollywood, it was a place that I loved. And here, of course, because the Virgin of Guadalupe is there, whom we venerate and have at the entrance of the house, in our bedroom, everywhere,” Amanda said in statements recovered by the sun rises.

On the other hand, Ana Victoria commented that at the moment there is no plan to pay tribute to her father, but her family does plan to continue with the projects that she left unfinished.


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