Amanda Seyfried confesses that she suffered abuse after the scene in Mean Girls

In a recent interview, the actress amanda seyfried36, revealed to the media that after the premiere of the film heavy girls many men approached her in public places to ask if it was raining, hoping that she would touch their breasts as she did in fiction.

“I always felt very upset about it. I was like 18 years old. It was just disgusting,” the artist acknowledged.

From her own experience, the beautiful Amanda knows all too well how difficult it is to be exposed to public scrutiny before having solid self-confidence, and she sympathizes deeply with young stars.

“I think becoming famous when you’re young must be terrible.”

Amanda Seyfried revealed that she suffered abuse

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The actress also talked about her co-workers, who have had to change their lifestyles due to her popularity, and confessed that she doesn’t like it, so she preferred to have a quiet life on a farm with Thomas Sadoski.

“It has to make you feel completely safe in the world. I see younger actors, who have to have bodyguards. They think they have to hire an assistant.”

“They think their whole world has changed. It can be stressful. I’ve seen what happens to my peers. So I bought a farm because I wanted to go the other way.”

Why was Mean Girls removed from Netflix?

Despite being one of the most popular content on Netflix, Mean Girls may not return to the catalog. As it is not original content of the company, this type of production is subject to temporary licenses for its use and reproduction.

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