Amazon and GoPro file joint US lawsuit against counterfeiters

Amazon and GoPro file joint US lawsuit against counterfeiters

Amazon and GoPro file lawsuit against counterfeiters.

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Amazon and GoPro filed a joint lawsuit in the US against several counterfeit products from the well-known video camera firm that was trying to sell them in the e-commerce giant’s store, as reported in a statement on Tuesday.

The lawsuit was brought in the Western District Court of Washington (USA) against seven individuals and two companies who allegedly used the GoPro trademarks without authorization and to mislead customers about the authenticity, origin and linkage of the products. products with that brand.

Defendants Counterfeit GoPro Camera Accessories Including “The Handler” Floating Handgrip, the “3-Way” grip, extension arm and tripod mount, the companies allege.

Amazon closed the accounts of the defendants’ business partners at its store and has proactively reimbursed the products purchased from affected customers.

“When counterfeiters try to sell in our store, they not only violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of companies like GoPro, but they also mislead customers and damage Amazon’s reputation as a place to buy authentic products,” said Kebharu Smith, director of Amazon’s Counterfeiting Crimes Unit.

This global department was inaugurated in the summer of last year to “prosecute fraudulent actors and ensure that they are accountable for their acts before the law, as well as to guarantee collaboration with the forces of order,” the firm said in the note.

The e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos prohibits the sale of counterfeit products in its stores and has measures and investments in place to proactively combat “fraud, counterfeiting and abuse ”, with more than 700 million dollars and 10,000 people hired for this purpose in 2020 alone.

Previously, he has filed joint lawsuits against counterfeiters for the Italian luxury brands Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo, and others such as KF Beauty cosmetics or Asmodee board games.

Amazon uses data analytics to verify information provided by business partners and last year only 6% of the attempts to register new accounts of this type passed the controls.

On the other hand, less than 0.01% of the products sold on Amazon received any counterfeit claims from customers.

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