Amazon announced it will start drone deliveries in the US to customers later this year

Amazon says it will soon be as common to see delivery drones as it is to see the company’s trucks on the streets.

Photo: Amazon / Courtesy

Amazon disclosed that its teams of scientists, engineers, aerospace professionals and futurists have been working hard to start delivering products to their customers using drones later this year.

Amazon Consumers Living in Lockeford, California Will Be the First to Receive Prime Air Deliveries. Residents will have the opportunity to sign up for free drone delivery of thousands of everyday items.

“How do you get items to customers quickly, cost-effectively, and most importantly, securely, in less than an hour? And how do you do it in a way that can scale? It is relatively easy to use existing technology to fly a light payload a short distance that is within your line of sight, but it’s a very different challenge to build a network that can deliver to customers in large communities”, Amazon said in a statement.

“Lockeford residents will play an important role in defining the future. His comments on Prime Air, with drones delivering packages to their backyards, They will help us build a service that will scale securely to meet the needs of customers everywhere.”, Amazon noted.

The tech giant noted that as they launch the service in Lockeford, they will also be investing in the community, creating new jobs, building partnerships with local organizations and helping reduce carbon emissionsuntil the service is as common as seeing an Amazon delivery van delivering to customers’ homes.

“Lockeford residents will soon have access to one of the world’s leading delivery innovations”said California State Assemblyman Heath Flora, whose district includes Lockeford. “It is exciting that Amazon is listening to feedback from the San Joaquin County community to inform the future development of this technology.”

Amazon noted that they are working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local officials in Lockeford to obtain permission to make these deliveries and that it will continue that collaboration in the future. Prime Air is one of only three drone delivery companies to have gone through the rigorous process to obtain an FAA air carrier certificate, which will be necessary to operate drones using these advanced capabilities.

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