Amazon: Learn what the “Holiday Gift List” feature offers and how to make your own

At Amazon you can create your “holiday gift list” for Christmas.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP / Getty Images

The Christmas festivities are coming, a time of year where we commonly give and receive gifts. But with so many options on the market, it is increasingly difficult to find the ideal gift for our loved ones. In case you did not know, Amazon has all the tools to help you in this with the “holiday gift list”, with which you do not even have to leave your house to buy anything or go to deliver the gift in person.

It’s about the “Holiday gift list” from Amazon. It is not very different from that wedding list that we all know, in which the one who receives the gift gives you options about the gifts you want and you only buy the gift and send it by mail.

This ensures that the recipient of the gift gets only the things they want. You can create your list, share it and wait for the Amazon package to arrive at your door.

Another option offered by Amazon is look up someone’s “holiday gift list” and you can do that with the name of the person.

How to Create a Gift List on Amazon

– You are going to go to the Amazon “holiday gift list” space and you are going to click on “create a list”.
– You must complete information such as: Name and surname; name of the “holiday gift list.”
– Then you must specify the date on which you plan to open them, so that the shipment is planned before.
– You must specify the address where you want to receive your gifts.
– And the last specification is whether the list will be public, to share with certain people or private (in case it is a list just for you).

How to find a gift list on Amazon

If, on the other hand, you are interested in finding out if someone created a gift list, you must click on “find a gift list” and then enter the name of the person, the date period in which you think it was created.

Additionally, the page will allow you to keep track of those who buy and send gifts and they will automatically receive a thank you note.

For returns, Amazon grants a period of 90 days in case the gift received is not the correct one.

Amazon is already beginning to prepare for the Christmas holidays, to achieve this it plans to hire 125,000 permanent workers for work in warehouses and logistics in the United States. Amazon offers higher-than-average salaries, improved employee benefits, and a start-up bonus of up to $ 3,000, just for getting started with a contract.