Amazon made the complaints and returns system for defective products easier on its network

Amazon made the complaints and returns system for defective products easier on its network

Amazon makes their returns system easy and this scares other retailers out of online sales.

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With Amazon‘s new A to Z guarantee, The leading online sales platform makes the claim process much easier for customers of products sold on its network. As lawmakers try to update product liability laws in the age of e-commerce for Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and other companies.

This change in the claims process on the Amazon platform, which begins on September 1, is intended to address an issue that has long plagued the platform’s market with “third-party sellers.” Where counterfeits, unsafe products and even expired products are the main problem of dissatisfied customers.

The issue has even attracted the attention and review of legislators and regulators. Thus Amazon has included in its work team a group of experts in insurance fraud, in addition to the system that the platform already has that detects fraud and abuse.

How Amazon’s New A-to-Z Guarantee Will Work

  • Once the buyer submits the claim, Amazon and its group of experts will examine whether they are valid or not.
  • Once the validation of the claim is determined, Amazon will contact the buyer.
  • On the other hand, if the buyer is rejected and believes that it has been a wrong decision, they can file an appeal.
  • For their part, sellers will be able to defend their product in case Amazon contacts them.
  • And if the seller does not respond Amazon will.

Amazon was forced, a month ago, to remove several defective products from its platform, after it was sued by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. With this legal resource also Amazon is intended to be treated not only as the owner of the platform, but as a “distributor” of consumer products under the Consumer Product Safety Act.

In this regard, Amazon has agreed with the group of legislators who are trying to change the rules regarding the liability of products sold in online commerce, which is a California bill. But in addition, it has demanded that it apply to all online businesses “regardless of their business models.

Although for competitive retailers, this change in Amazon’s warranties may spell “suffocation” for small businesses that sell products online.


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