Amazon Removes Frieyss Bath Chair That Can Choke Babies From Its Sales List

Amazon Removes Frieyss Bath Chair That Can Choke Babies From Its Sales List

Since the agency gave the order to cancel the sale, Amazon no longer distributes it.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States (CPSC) determined that a baby bath chair, which is sold exclusively on Amazon, should be recalled as it represents a “choking hazard for babies.”

According to the government body, Frieyss infant bath seats “do not meet the federal safety standard for infant bath seats., including leg spread and stability requirements“.

The agency warned that the products can tip over when used and endanger the life of a baby. The CPSC in its recall notice stated that “consumers should stop using baby bath seats immediately”.

In the statement, it was requested that the product not be used by buyers, it was also asked to contact Frieyss so that consumers receive “instructions on how to return the toilet seats with free shipping for a full refund“.

The recalled products were made in China, but were sold exclusively online on from March 2021 to April 2021. According to the government body, the company is also contacting “all known buyers directly.”

According to the information issued, it is not clear if there are people affected by the use of the product, nor is it known how many bathroom chairs have been sold throughout the country since it is only sold through Amazon. Despite this, it is recommended that if you bought this product you return it and do not expose the life of your baby.

Regardless of the withdrawal of this product due to its danger, parents should be careful when buying products for their children, especially if they are babies, since they are very vulnerable to certain scenarios that can be detrimental to their safety and their Health.

According to the children’s guide portal, although there are multiple options of chairs to bathe the little ones, the most important thing is that the father or mother who is in charge of cleaning the baby is attentive at all times to the child.

The portal states that “by holding the baby in the bathtub, we think that if we go out for a moment nothing will happen to him. Serious mistake, the baby can tip over in the bathtub and drown. The CPSC reported 174 deaths and hundreds of accidents associated with this product ”.

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