Amazon speakers will be able to imitate the voice of deceased family and friends

The new feature is not yet available as it is still under development

Photo: GRANT HINDSLEY/AFP/Getty Images

Amazon announced a new feature that will come to its speakers and that will allow them to imitate the voice of family and friends who have died. The company expressed that with this tool they want the memories of their users’ loved ones to last forever.

Rohit Prasad, head of the Artificial Intelligence team behind the development of Alexa, explained that the system will work from previous recordings of the person in question. Once these audios have been listened to, which must have a duration of at least one minute, Alexa can create a version of the voice that is as similar as possible.

He clarified that the functionality It is still in the development phase, so it is not yet available and it is not yet known when it can reach the market.. Despite this, the announcement has sparked criticism from people who claim that this violates ethics, by imitating people who are no longer alive.

I don’t think our world is ready for user-friendly voice cloning technology”, pointed the director of Social Proof Security, Rachel Tobac.

She states that it is highly likely that this type of technology could be used to create fake audio that could be used to manipulate or defraud the general public.

He argued that any criminal could use this tool to impersonate other people Well, the only thing you would need, apart from Amazon’s virtual assistant, is a small audio clip of your victim.

This is especially dangerous taking into account the boom that has been registered in recent years of the so-called Deep Fakewhich are montages that due to their realism can easily pass as real videos or images.

An example of this type of technology occurred with a video of former President Barack Obama which was modified to include a voice other than the real one. that made it seem that the president was saying a completely different speech from the one he actually offered.

The same thing has also happened with movie stars like Tom Cruise and another long list of Hollywood actors who have begun to be used as memes by their fans.

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