Amazon Unveils Proteus, First Mobile Warehouse Robot

The American e-commerce company Amazon introduced Proteus, the first fully autonomous mobile warehouse robotcapable of transporting packages in its facilities.

proteus employs advanced safety, perception and navigation technology to transit safely among the company’s employees. The robot can lift and move a non-automated type of wheeled container.

Through videos uploaded to the YouTube platform, you can see the robot, whose shape resembles a disk with wheels, move under the containers, and then lift them up and relocate them inside the facility.

In a blog post, the company said, “It has historically been difficult to safely incorporate robotics into the same physical space as people. We believe Proteus will change that while remaining smart, secure and collaborative.”

The robot will be deployed in outbound GoCart handling areas at Amazon sort and distribution centers. One of the company’s plans is to automate the handling of the GoCart in its warehouse network to reduce human labor in handling heavy objects.

In addition to Proteus, Amazon introduced Cardinal, a prototype that combines advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision to classify company packages.

These developments come 10 years after Amazon acquired robotics company Kiva in 2012. The company, which owns more than 52,000 robotic drive units, he has denied speculation of replacing his human workers.

The presentations also coincide a few days before start amazon prime day. To warm things up, Amazon launched some early promotions on flat screens for its members.

Similarly, it is possible to buy products on Amazon with up to 70% discount and without the need to be a Prime subscriber. This is how Amazon Warehouse works.

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