Amazon Web Services goes down, putting thousands of customers out of service

SAN FRANCISCO – The cloud computing service Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most used in the industry, was interrupted for several hours this Wednesday on the east coast and it prevented the operations of thousands of web pages and platforms that are based on it.

“The Kinesis Data Streams API is currently inoperative in the US-EAST-1 region. As a result, clients cannot write or read data published to Kinesis transmissions. ” Amazon pointed out, the owner company, in an alert on its website.

Among the companies affected by this service interruption are the manufacturer of the streaming device. Roku, the department store chain Target, the software creator Autodesk, the digital security service Ring, the publishing group Tribune Publishing and the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

In most cases, These companies continue to be able to operate in a large part of their activities, but not in those that require the use of AWS, such as Target’s home delivery service or screens that provide information about public transport in the case of the New York authority.

“We are experiencing intermittent problems with our website and publishing system due to the fall of AWS,” the newspaper said on its Twitter account. Chicago Tribune, owned by Tribune Publishing.

According to Amazon, the AWS services that are experiencing problems originate from a facility located in Upstate Virginia, and he assured that his technicians have already identified “the root problem” and are working to solve it.

AWS is the world’s leading cloud computing platform, followed far behind by Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud, technologies that have seen tremendous growth in recent years and whose adoption has accelerated even more since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to remote work.

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