Amber Heard Copies Johnny Depp Style, This Is Invested Cognition

The trial of Depp and Amber is getting more details of what was the stormy relationship of the actors, which is being told from the courtship and up to their year and a half of marriage. But now it is surprising to see that Amber Heard copied Johnny Depp’s style.

Between audios, threats, mistreatment, infidelities… it seems that a year and a half goes a long way and in the daily trial sessions held in Fairfax (Virginia, USA) all the dirty laundry is being taken out in the sun.

And already the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is one of the most televised, due to all the exposure of violent events, but now a strange attitude is being seen on the part of the accused, yes, Amber Heard copies Johnny’s style Depp, but why does she do it?

Karen Pine, PhD in developmental psychology and professor at the University of Hertfordshire, says it all points to a shared psychological practice called ‘vested cognition’.

Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp’s style, why?

When Amber copies Johnny Depp it’s ‘invested cognition’

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Amber Heard’s strange behavior in court has led hundreds of people to wonder what is behind these decisions and even to launch the first theories

According to the psychology platform, it indicates that the wardrobe influences the emotions of the person who wears it and all those who look at it, something that would explain why Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp’s style.

V stretching equal means fellowship, loyalty, ‘the same tribe, the same army, the same school‘. Seeing her dressed like this, he’s seeing himself dressed and it’s clear that Amber Heard is signaling to Johnny not to be hard on her in court.”

Amber tries to undermine Johnny Depp

Both Johnny Depp and Amber could be advised by psychologists.

On the Facebook page for informative content, Psicología Maravillosa has shared the theory of Dr. Karen Pine, pointing out that “Everything indicates that she is being advised by a psychologist.”

As can be seen in the broadcasts, he is constantly looking for eye contact with Johnny“. Of course, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean could also be advised, since “completely avoids that intimacy that she tries to impose.”

However, the fact that Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp’s style is a factor used to weaken him.

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